Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today's title is 'inspired' by the fact that 3 separate theaters I'm aware of in my area have all chosen to perform THE WIZARD OF OZ  this spring... It makes me think that a lot of people 'out there' are sort of wishing, and hoping that life could have 'happy endings'  in unexpected manners all the time.. As a child, my favorite book was our family's worn out copy of this story.. I loved the color pictures and really identified with the lion's need for courage..      At any rate, I began thinking that I am in love with THE LORD OF AWE! (I'd wanted to say, 'The LORD of AWES', but that isn't a real word!.. "Aw, shucks!," as I believe the lion used to say..)
These past 3 weeks have been full of opportunities for me to 'walk my talk' as I've had to let the facts of my love relationship to the true LORD OF AWE, sustain and encourage me throughout several sources of potential despair...  GUESS WHAT! Remembering to focus on those facts about HIS all-sufficiency, power, grace, mercy, perfect shepherding of me, and much more, have truly allowed me to be in constant AWE of HIM!                                                                         If you 'happen upon' this message, I'd just love to tell all of you that life doesn't have to be lived in a fantasy world of 'I sure hope and wish that things will get better,' etc... but that YOU can count on the LORD JESUS CHRIST'S perfect mercy, grace and compassion to envelope and support you ALL THE TIME, if you but ask and trust Him... Begin now, and that 'Wizard of  Oz' ending can be yours moment by moment....  Remember to call 1-888-NEED HIM if you'd like assistance in entering into this relationship and all it means.. Until next time, I say, 'MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU AS HE MAKES HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU AND IS GRACIOUS TO YOU, AS HE TURNS HIS FACT TOWARD YOU TO GIVE YOU PEACE.' (NUMBERS 6:24-26)