Friday, February 24, 2012


While packing away my supplies after leading a HYMNSPIRATION at a nursing home yesterday, I received a HUGE blessing. It's really difficult to convey the thrill I experienced when a severly hearing-impaired gentleman and I were spending a moment in conversation. I was face to face with him, stooping down so he could really hear me.... I said simply, JESUS REALLY LOVES US... He responded with, 'AND WE REALLY NEED TO LOVE HIM!'
There really isn't a lot more to say at this moment, except to encourage us all to respond to the ONE who first loved us! I get so frustrated with myself when I willingly 'forget' this... For, if and when I do choose to remember just HOW MUCH HE LOVES me, I more readily walk away from matters which lead me to sin by putting them where my LORD should be in my life.. That would be, IN FIRST PLACE AT ALL TIMES!
One more 'quick' thought about all of this is, 'Why do I always want to please my earthly husband, John, yet not seem to care about pleasing my heaven-sent bridegroom who loves me so much more completely and profoundly!?'                                  For those of you who haven't ever seen or read about how HE loves, honors and cherishes you, I will include the poetic form of His message to us through my pen received in 2007. He speaks directly within the quotation marks.. I did NOT attempt to write this message.. HE did.  Warmly, Sheila  (It does not transfer onto this blog in the same format it is stored in my files..Sorry about the 'length' of it on this page.)

                          LOVED, HONORED, and CHERISHED

                                             Sheila Dean

Lord Jesus, you are making our story a LOVE story!
For this, I exclaim, “To You be the glory!”
I am your bride. You are my groom!
As I walk by your side, I know that there
will always be room!

You speak so tenderly to me as I dwell closely to you,
“Dear one, there’s nothing you and I can’t do!
My bride, I am committed to love, honor, and cherish
you forever--
You’ll never find yourself saying a perplexed,

As your number of years on Earth will proceed,
please know you are free to speak indeed.
I’ll listen with ears that desire to hear
all of your frustration, doubt, and fear.
You’ll always know that I am faithful, righteous, and just,
while growing deeper in love with me as you yield and trust.

It‘s a joy to have sacrificed my life for yours,
so that you may gratefully discover many open doors!

So, come my Beloved as I take your arm.
The recessional has begun, the hymns have been sung!
The vows have been witnessed by those who are near.
Now it’s time to go forth as my bride, oh, so dear!”

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  As I sit, watching SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA starring Robert Duvall, I am filled to overflowing with gratitude for so many blessings! In the movie, he just prayed a table grace which deserves to be shared.

"For FOOD in this world where many go hungry-

For FAITH in this world where many live in fear-

For FRIENDS in this world where many are alone-

We give THEE thanks…"

I haven't done a post in a while since life's significant moments which inspire these just seem to 'buzz on by' without me having any time to write about them.. But, today, John and I are finishing up a delightful, one-night stay out at our favorite ocean resort at Moclips, so as the movie is coming to the end, I am quickly recording this to able to post later. Dear readers, I urge you to never hesitate to count your blessings, for often, looming despair will be 'headed off at the pass,' before it can even threaten you! Not only that, make it a priority to keep HIS song in your heart.. whether it be through audible music on radio, CDs, I-pods, etc. or, through humming aloud, or within, any of your most 'singer-friendly' praise choruses or hymns. Try this one on 'for size'… "I LOVE YOU LORD, and I LIFT MY VOICE, to worship YOU- Oh, my soul, REJOICE! Take joy my KING, in what you hear.. May it be a sweet, sweet, sound in your ear!" I am thinking of several others but I'll close with this one- "LORD, YOU are more precious than silver. LORD, YOU are more costly than gold. LORD, YOU are more beautiful than diamonds and nothing I desire compares with You!" What's your choice?      As I was reviewing this message before sending it, that chorus, "I love You Lord and I lift my voice.." came on my computer right as I read those lyrics on this screen..  HE LOVES to hear us declare our love for Him as well as listen when we acknowledge our many blessings. May you also be blessed by doing so.