Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey- Wait a minute! Isn't this blog supposed to be about HIM!? Of course it is.. but, our LORD JESUS CHRIST is seen through us humans as we allow his work within us to make noticeable differences. This story is about a dear acquaintance of mine who is very physically limited, thus, she resides in a nursing home. Each time I visit with her, she manages to amaze me by offering me something. The presence of Jesus within her manifests itself by her determination to find a way to be able to offer to give me anything available.(half an orange, a couple of peanut-butter crackers, part of her 'dinner?', etc.) In her very limited state of resources, HIS presence within determines her desire to be able to give!! Afterall, we can recall how Jesus gave of himself 'for the joy set before HIM.'(Hebrews 12:2) It gives her joy to find 'a 'leetle' something' to offer to me.. I encourage her by saying how I see evidence of  his presence in her as she can't be content not to offer whatever she can! This is important for her especially, because her power-of-attorney is her brother  who happens to be a 'Satanist' by his account.. He threatens her welfare periodically...But, she and I, and our LORD, keep speaking HIS truths to her!  IT is so important that she be allowed the DIGNITY of being able to offer to give. Dear readers, look around each day for opportunities to grant dignity to individuals you cross paths with, no matter who, or where  they are! The LORD restored dignity to mankind by offering Himself on the cross so we can live in restored fellowship with HIM.. We now get to honor Him by being vessels of his grace as we dignify those around us!
I just remembered one other great way to do this is to let others be 'needed', even though we might be able to 'do it better' ourselves!..(or, we don't really NEED the help!) Recently, I let a wheelchair-bound lady 'help' me to my car with my bags of songbooks, guitar, and music stand.  She was SO ecstatic at being allowed to help because, as she put it, "I am always the one who needs to accept help."  Granting dignity is something I love to look for opportunities to do... HOW about you?  I am including a poem  which HE delivered to/through me 4 years ago. HE speaks directly where the quotation marks are. I did NOT try to write this.. He wants us to know how dignified we are!

Sheila Dean

Within every soul, there’s a cry for dignity-
To be able to know that I’m valued just because
I am me!

Everywhere I look, it’s easy to notice
all those who are robbed of much of this.
My soul cries out to these,
as you desire for them to come to their knees.
You’ve taught me very well that I know the
Truth to tell!

 You do desire for them to hear You say,
“Dear ones, you are priceless today!-
You’re created in MY image-
body, soul, and spirit!
Listen, as I call you to Me, so you’ll soon
appreciate it.

My son, Jesus Christ, died
so that you’ll be dignified-
no longer listening to the one who lied!
Your fullness of life will begin
when you accept my desire to enter in.
When you do, your spirit will become alive-
no longer bound to the law of death and sin.

My Spirit’s presence will dignify
as He instills vitality within!
Then, you WILL stand tall, secure, and strong
since it doesn’t take long to realize
 you’ve joined the eternal throng!
Then, as you do, your dignity will swell,
  for your soul can now say, 'All is well!' "

May our Lord bless you all as HE leads you in opportunities to apply the message of this post...  Because He Loves Us! Sheila

Saturday, March 24, 2012


As I begin today, I desire to convey  how 'The joy of the Lord is our strength!'(Nehemiah 8:10)  Knowing how He delights in us whenever we accept grace, mercy, strength, and, SO MUCH MORE from Him, can re-ignite my determination to honor Him more readily.    Case in point: Recently, I dared to step on a new, 'user-friendly' scale at our athletic club..(hearing 'Doo, doo , doo, doo', Batman-sort of music in my ears as I approached it!) Well, wouldn't  you know it? It registered a  pound less than 2 days before!!! I was so totally delighted I became quite uninhibited in that empty locker room! First, I threw up my hands in joyful praise! (relief!?).. then found myself speaking aloud, 'THANK YOU, THANK YOU', as I looked up! The emotions of the moment were so pure, I began saying to our Lord, "You gotta be smilin'!"  It was actually fun to bless HIM in such a manner! Why don't I do it more often?  (I am reminded of lyrics from I CAN ONLY IMAGINE  which cause us to think about how we might dance before HIM, or become speechless when we meet HIM face-to-face!) Why wait 'til then? 
Later the same morning, HE 'turned the tables on me,' by showing his sense of humor, causing ME to smile deeply and broadly.. In a Kindergarten music class I was in with one of my 'special' students, a song about 'Michael Finnegan who gained weight again, thus needing to begin again to become thin again' was played! Who says our Lord isn't intimately acquainted with all our ways!!!???  Don't you just love HIM as He is!? We can either welcome or fear this reality.. I'm learning to welcome it! Psalm 139:1-3 states, "O Lord, you have searched me and You know me . You know when I sit and when I rise; You perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; You are familiar with all my ways."    May his joy in our relationship to HIM and, our joy in HIM as a result, be strengthening for all of  us, ALL of the time!

Friday, March 9, 2012


As most of you readers of this blog know, I only write when "I just can't NOT write!" WELL, this morning, HE has a BIG message for any/all of us! You see, I listen to a morning devotion program of songs and features on KCIS (AM630in the greater Seattle area).. Today is Friday, so all songs played are hymns. IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL was on, then, when I switched to my media player list I play during commercials and other non-music moments over the air, the song I heard playing was a beautiful rendition of ...IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! I DO believe my sweet, devoted, delightful, merciful, gracious Heavenly Father is intent upon reinforcing my trust in HIM alone! At this time, there are no 'big,' disturbances in my life as such, but HE does know that I've been somewhat agitated due to some deep concerns I have for others at this point. OUR LORD is simply reminding me how it CAN be WELL WITH MY SOUL..(mind, emotions, and will), if I T.R.Y. (Trust, Relinquish, and Yield). I am entitled to that PEACE that passes all understanding which comes from His guarding of my heart and mind in HIM. This message is for ALL of us, of course.. One final, neat thing to share is when I called my radio station to request THE LOVE OF GOD, by Damaris Carbaugh to be played, the host said it 'is coming right up!' The LORD knew what I would request and had already caused Mark Holland to include it in the line-up!  Talk about personal attention from the LORD!!! HOOOORAAAY!  May each and every one of you ENJOY our LORD this day and all others! As you do, ask HIM how you can best GLORIFY HIM also!