Saturday, April 21, 2012


Many of you readers know about how I spend a significant amount of  time each week in nursing and/or assisted living facilities. I love this call to sing with, or to, the residents as well as to getting to lead them in growing knowledge of the Word of God at times.  Well... Recently, while walking down the hall at a nursing/rehabilitation center, I couldn't 'just walk on by' a lady with hopeful eyes who spotted me. I took time to meet her since another lady I'd intended to spend time with had been too asleep to awaken for a visit. This new lady to me was very grateful for the songs I sang to her and for the simple act of my turning off the over the headboard light which was exaserbating her bad headache. This light should have had a string attached to its short (3 inches?) chain so she could control it from her immobile state of lying in that bed. There were 2 other big 'factors' contributing to her discomfort, but for now, this lack of a string leads to my chosen title for today. For, you see, I know we all have needs for assistance in living a thriving life. It must tug on God's heartstrings when we are often unable or, unwilling, to ask for, and accept his help.  In her caseonly two of her three needs were meetable by me as I took time to stop, listen to, and realize them. Contrary to this, HE is able to meet all of our needs for a thriving life of abundance (John 10:10), as well as one of prosperity, hope, and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). So.....
This leads me to ask myself, and you, how often we don't call out to our Lord, to 'meet us where we're at?' Do we willingly acknowledge our Creator's desires to be  the sole source of our physical, mental, social, and SPIRITUAL well-being. (Afterall, HE is LIFE itself! Jesus is The WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE! -John 14:6) Since we humans are not truly 'mere mortals,' but are triune beings with bodies, souls, and spirits, it is imperative to realize we are either spiritually dead in sin and its consquence of alienation from our Creator/Father God, or, we are spiritually alive because we've accepted our need for spiritual new birth through the atoning blood of Jesus which made possible the reconciliation of us to our Heavenly Father. No other created beings had the breath of God (his spirit!) breathed into them, nor, are they meant to know God personally, as mankind is. Until we welcome Him as LORD and Savior (deliverer from sin's penalty of separation from God!), we individuals 'tug on his heartstrings,' since HE desires to be our sole sufficiency as He provides ALL we need while we are earthbound. Do you let HIM be? Which areas do you hold onto, thinking, "I can do this myself!?" We can ease the tug on his heartstrings if we want to!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am not sure when I will post this article but I will begin now anyhow.. As I drive southward on our 'main drag,' I pass a readerboard at a Christian-owned business. My heart is aching each time I pass it currently for it now says, "Daughter (name withheld).. Please call Mom.. I Love You." This is either a desperate cry of a mom whose daughter has left home willingly or, of one whose daughter has met with something not nice! Either way it is.. it is heart-wrenching to think of the agony of the waiting and hoping mom!
This reminded me of our Lord's heart as He awaits our response to his availability to us. He desires our fellowship, allegiance, and knowledge of Him personally. Contrary to this aching mother's plight though, He chose to need to wait on our response. This mom did not... I do believe though, that the depth of ache which comes from separation from a loved one is much the same for both.
Because it is Easter season, we can remember that 'For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross with its pain and shame..' HE knew many of us would choose to be reconciled to HIM through accepting The LAST SACRIFICE acceptable to his Heavenly Father. I'll bet the aching mother of this missing girl is wishing she could 'do something' in order to offer her girl 'an acceptable/secure way back home.' Please join me in praying for that aching mom.. I will let you all know if I ever hear of the girl's reunion with her. Thanks.. and, may you bless the Lord as you respond to his supreme sacrifice.. He rejoices as you do!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My sister calls them, 'GOD WINKS.' I call them displays of the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Just what am I speaking of? Well, they are those moments when any Christ-centered individual  becomes aware of how HE has allowed evidence of his personal attention to them to become noticed and appreciated. I believe there is a song entitled, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.. see what God HAS done.. Pause to remember just a few of those moments/events when you've been able to say a heartfelt, 'THANK YOU,' as you inhaled a deep breath of his 'fresh air.' Those moments are so varied in 'what' comprises them, that I'll make no attempt to even begin suggesting some.. The psalmist, DAVID, reminds us to 'remember,' and today, I will encourage us to live in the present by focusing on INHALING his grace as HE displays it in, or to you, currently. Anticipate many opportunities  to  delightedly say, 'Thank you!' as you look upward-breathing deeply of his grace! Of course, whenever we inhale, we must exhale.. Saying 'Thank You,' is part of this, but I also suggest PRAISING HIM with songs, hymns, or spiritual songs aloud, or within! The 'bottom line' of this message is to practice deep breathing by inhaling GRACE, and exhaling PRAISE!  There is a modern praise/worship song which conveys this truth, although the term, DEEP BREATHING, is not used. This is just my way to apply these thoughts.. Blessings to all.. Sheila    As I proofread this, I am thinking of I Timothy I:17 which says, "Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible.. The only wise God,. Be honor and glory forever and ever-- Amen!" I am also focusing on how his grace is sufficient as He supplies all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19 and II Corinthians 12:9