Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am not sure when I will post this article but I will begin now anyhow.. As I drive southward on our 'main drag,' I pass a readerboard at a Christian-owned business. My heart is aching each time I pass it currently for it now says, "Daughter (name withheld).. Please call Mom.. I Love You." This is either a desperate cry of a mom whose daughter has left home willingly or, of one whose daughter has met with something not nice! Either way it is.. it is heart-wrenching to think of the agony of the waiting and hoping mom!
This reminded me of our Lord's heart as He awaits our response to his availability to us. He desires our fellowship, allegiance, and knowledge of Him personally. Contrary to this aching mother's plight though, He chose to need to wait on our response. This mom did not... I do believe though, that the depth of ache which comes from separation from a loved one is much the same for both.
Because it is Easter season, we can remember that 'For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross with its pain and shame..' HE knew many of us would choose to be reconciled to HIM through accepting The LAST SACRIFICE acceptable to his Heavenly Father. I'll bet the aching mother of this missing girl is wishing she could 'do something' in order to offer her girl 'an acceptable/secure way back home.' Please join me in praying for that aching mom.. I will let you all know if I ever hear of the girl's reunion with her. Thanks.. and, may you bless the Lord as you respond to his supreme sacrifice.. He rejoices as you do!

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