Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I've been having fun this season as I have shared with other believer/receivers just what a joy it is to be able to say "We CAN Know Well, The ONE of THE FIRST NOEL." I've always liked puns.. Just pause to think of this.. We ARE welcome in the presence of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! He calls us FRIENDS! Just as Adam and Eve walked and talked with HIM before making the wrong decision allowing themselves to be duped by that fallen angel, Lucifer, in a serpent's body, we can also WALK and TALK with the LORD directly.. He knows us intimately, and desires for us to KNOW WELL just how compassionate, gracious, merciful and wondrous HE TRULY IS!!  So, from now on, as you hear or sing THE FIRST NOEL, pause to be thankful that we can really KNOW WELL the ONE of THE FIRST NOEL!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


This year, I am again loving the leading of a favorite Christmas song of mine.. It is 'COME ON RING THOSE BELLS' which goes on to say, "Light the Christmas tree! Jesus is the KING, born for you and me! Come on ring those bells, everybody say, 'JESUS WE REMEMBER THIS YOUR BIRTHDAY!'                            As I convey these lyrics to you, I am also thinking of the movie, THE POLAR EXPRES which seemed to assume one must 'believe in order to hear' the bell ring. I don't know about any of you, but I have come to realize it is JESUS who is the 'jingle' in my bell, and that I believe because I hear, not, vice versa! This believing takes the form of TRUSTING my Lord so I can thrive! I also thrive because I know it's not a matter of how many years I live, but of the quality of life I have in them. Welcoming the Lord's attention to, and intentions towards me as I seek to glorify Him, succeed in confirming my hearing of my Lord. The bottom line is there is no doubt whatsoever in my soul about the TRUE REALITY OF THE LORD'S EXISTENCE! Consequently, I BELIEVE because I HEAR. I pray you will all be able to identify with what I've shared.   Perhaps an altered version of the song I opened with could be sung as, COME ON HEAR THOSE BELLS,  let the LORD WITHIN, LEAD YOU IN HIS LOVE FLOWING FROM ABOVE... etc..! (You can let HIM write the rest for your life!)