Monday, January 30, 2012


I've often said, "Life has its seasons, and God has his reasons." I can't think of a time in my lilfe when it's been more important for me to truly believe and apply this truth than now. This past Friday, I was informed of a major change of  'season' coming in my life this week. As I said to my informant, "Who am I to question Him?" tears were forming. These came because at that moment, I was 'caught off guard,' and, I will admit, very saddened.  Only moments later, I needed to be able to re-enter my 'normal' realm of activity minus the tears and jittery insides!  So.. HOW did I do it, and how will I function effectively during this transitional week in my life as 'the season is changing'? ECCLESIASTES 3:1 helps me because focusing on the FACTS in God's Word is one way to help me 'cope,' for the moment. 'THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING, AND A SEASON FOR EVERY ACTIVITY UNDER HEAVEN', assures me my life is not randomly directed, or just plain 'happening..' This comforts me as well as verse 14 in that passage which says, "I know that everthing God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere Him." Since 1973, my purpose for living has been to bring glory to our Lord by living in such a manner as to draw good attention to Him. So, as I go forth today, I can let the 'fear' of my Lord enable me to respond to this changing season filled with peace, hope, and joy that can only come from HIM. By doing so, I desire for others to revere (fear) my LORD also.  SOLI DEO GLORIA! (To God Alone, be the Glory!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


As I sit in my warm and warmly decorated living room early this morning, I am contemplating today's pending football game between the Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints. I'm tending to hope the Broncos will win mainly because of the Lord's obvious desire to display his glory through Tim Tebow. I don't know if you all are aware that he only completed 10 passes in last week's playoff game, but they yielded 316 yards which averaged 31.6 yards each. This brother in our Lord has always been upfront about his devotion to Jesus, but even in his quieter approach (except for kneeling to give thanks publicly), our Lord Jesus made himself very known through these delightful statistics (John 3:16 is Tebow's favorite Bible verse to share with the world!) as well as the unbelievable 80 yard, "Hail Mary" pass completion which won the game in 11 seconds of overtime last weekend! (NFL records!)
Interestingly though, the Saints' QB is also definitely the Lord's!(who happens to have a much more impressive season's set of stats as well as a Super Bowl ring already.. Who could want more?)  So, as I look forward to the game, I am rooting for both teams!                                                                      NOW, why in the dickens am I writing about football?   Well, let me tell you that I am also about to draft one of my weekly SOLI DEO GLORIA Bible studies I put together for the seniors I minister to in several facilities. I'd already pre-determined to teach on the topic of how our LORD intends for us to be DELIGHTED individuals! So, my 'bottom line' in this post is that no matter which team wins today, I will remain a delighted, maturing sister in our Lord Jesus, who is very secure in knowing HE grants all the desires of my heart.. To His Glory Only (SOLI DEO GLORIA!)  For, most of us are familiar with PSALM 37:4 which reminds us to 'DELIGHT OURSELVES IN THE LORD, so He can grant us the desires of our heart.'  HE knows our every need and has made provisions for them so his faithfulness, mercy, grace, goodness, justice, righteousness, and SO MUCH MORE can be displayed to his glory through us! HE never surprises me anymore, but constantly DELIGHTS me in MANY ways! I'm trusting this is your experience also.    (PS- Although most of you won't read this until after today's playoff game, I sit here wondering just which team the Lord has designated to win. Which way will HE receive the greatest glory? I know Tebow is uncomfortable with all the near worship of him and I don't think Drew Brees wants any glory either.. We'll see what Jesus  will do with today's contest!- Either way, I'll be delighted!)