Monday, January 30, 2012


I've often said, "Life has its seasons, and God has his reasons." I can't think of a time in my lilfe when it's been more important for me to truly believe and apply this truth than now. This past Friday, I was informed of a major change of  'season' coming in my life this week. As I said to my informant, "Who am I to question Him?" tears were forming. These came because at that moment, I was 'caught off guard,' and, I will admit, very saddened.  Only moments later, I needed to be able to re-enter my 'normal' realm of activity minus the tears and jittery insides!  So.. HOW did I do it, and how will I function effectively during this transitional week in my life as 'the season is changing'? ECCLESIASTES 3:1 helps me because focusing on the FACTS in God's Word is one way to help me 'cope,' for the moment. 'THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING, AND A SEASON FOR EVERY ACTIVITY UNDER HEAVEN', assures me my life is not randomly directed, or just plain 'happening..' This comforts me as well as verse 14 in that passage which says, "I know that everthing God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere Him." Since 1973, my purpose for living has been to bring glory to our Lord by living in such a manner as to draw good attention to Him. So, as I go forth today, I can let the 'fear' of my Lord enable me to respond to this changing season filled with peace, hope, and joy that can only come from HIM. By doing so, I desire for others to revere (fear) my LORD also.  SOLI DEO GLORIA! (To God Alone, be the Glory!)

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