Saturday, December 31, 2011


Deciding on today's title was very perplexing for me.. Other contenders were, "Just Gotta Tell You 'bout..," and "Mr. Right." The idea for these comes from a sweatshirt I saw on a 'tween' age gal recently. It said  I've met Mr. Right-- His name is JESUS" 
So, why the chosen title? It's because it dawned on me there is NO better way to end this calendar year than to be reminded of the thrill of having personal access to my (our!), 'MR. RIGHT!'   By no means do I intend to discredit earthly husbands or other receivers of our devotion, but I do desire to acknowledge how they can NEVER meet every one of our needs sufficiently. They are human so it's no shame if they can't! Only our LORD can 'be there' at all times, in all ways, for all our needs!
Related to this, several years ago, I found myself recording, "Lord! You are making our story a love story...For this I exclaim, 'To You be the glory!  I am the bride..You are the groom! As I walk by your side, I know there'll always be room!' Then, HE began addressing me(us!) as his bride.. "Dear one, there's nothing you and I can't do. I am committed to love, honor and cherish you forever.. You'll never find yourself saying a perplexed, 'WHATEVER.'
He followed with much more, but I'll close for now by reiterating the joy of ending my year as one who lives in the wonder of being loved, honored and cherished by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! No ONE can even come close to caring for me as faithfully and sufficiently as HE can and does!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One MORE Gift!

It is highly likely most of you who will read this received 'more than enough' gifts on/near Christmas Day. So, I get to write about one that can't be wrapped and put under a tree! Those of us who know the LORD realize HE gives gifts of love, mercy, grace, peace, hope, and joy along with many others on a steady basis. Have you ever considered adding DIGNITY to that list of 'others?' As I scanned the last post I sent, I was reminded of Gracie's need for it.. Tomorrow, I will lead a Bible study for residents of an assisted living facility. It will be about how Jesus dignifies us!
I am using PSALMS 8 and 103 to identify reasons for our dignity so they can delight in being all HE intends them to be... Dignified individuals! May our Lord Jesus Christ increase your dignity receptors as you read these passages.
Psalm 8:3-5  When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.

Psalm 103:1-5 Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satifies your desires with good things so that your youth may be renewed like the eagle's. (YES!)

I don't know about you, but I like to think of myself as a princess since, as the daughter (and friend!) of the KING OF KINGS,  I am crowned with glory, honor, love, and compassion! I thank the Lord HE makes it possible for  me to  receive this gift of DIGNITY.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come On, Ring That Bell

Yesterday, I stood with 95 year old GRACIE whom I was 'parking' back in her nursing home room in her wheelchair. We'd just finished singing hymns and Christmas songs together with others down the hall. Somehow, I could tell I needed to stay with her a little while longer. (I'd been told she'd been a little cranky earlier- very unusual for her.) At that moment, I realized I was wearing a medium/small sleigh bell attached to the necklace chain I wear a cross on. I definitely knew I was meant to give that bell to this dear lady. As I freed it, she asked what I was doing. I said I was going to give her the bell. To my utter surprise, she basically broke down bawling.. deep, deep sobs and lots of tears. I couldn't leave her for more than 5 more minutes. Why the tears? In her words, "You are giving this to me? Someone really cares if I live or die.. I feel so lonely all of the time.., etc." I assured her that her daughters do come see her because I've met them throughout the 7 years I've known Gracie. My heart just about broke though as I hugged her during these emotionally cathartic moments. Actually, I counted myself blessed to be the one who got to be there for her. It made me wonder just how many times we are feeling deprived of something we think we need when, in truth, our Lord Jesus IS there (here) for us at ALL times! His deepest desire is to be the ONE who shares all of those special moments with us. HE is the one who can/does 'ring my bell!' That particular bell I gave to Gracie, had been given to me yesterday with a note attached which said, "Ring the bell of joy." (referring to this Christmas season)  Of course, I always emphasize how true JOY (as well as true PEACE and HOPE) can ONLY come from our LORD JESUS CHRIST as He is welcome to dwell within our beings! So, dear readers.. "Come on, ring those bells!-- Light the Christmas tree.. Jesus IS the KING, born for you and me!"(opening line of a favorite Christmas song of mine..) It's our JOY to share HIM with all those around us as well as with ourselves! The Joy of the LORD is my strength!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TUNE IN, or.....

When I was in 9th grade, I came across a sort of  1960ish, sort of psychedelic book of poems intended for teens to read. The title was simply, TUNE IN. It had brightly, metalic colored pages which were narrow at first, but got wider with each page. Needless to say, it caught my attention and I am certainly glad it did. For, you see, there was one poem in particular (the only one I recall) that has stayed with me for over 40 years. Entitled, THE WELL, it directed readers to the only way to satisfy true thirst. This is by drawing from the depths of God's love, mercy, compassion, grace and SO MUCH MORE, as we rest assured He meets our every need. The final line profoundly stated, "And help me, O God, to admit how thirsty I really am!" Talk about something that impacted me! It was another year before I began to understand that my 'religious beliefs' could make a '12 inch trip' from my mind down into my 'heart' (my soul, which includes my mind, emotions, and will). Once I was led into this personal access, intimate relationship to my Lord, I was delighted to admit how thirsty I was (still am today since like physical thirst, I need to drink frequently.)
NOW- onto why I chose this title for today-- I have realized just how many of us sort of forget to 'tune in' to the wonderful TRUTH and REALITY of God's presence within us! HE'S the creator of ALL things! I'm talking about THE LORD GOD Himself indwelling us. I am so aware of how often I frankly 'tune Him OUT!' UGH! What deprivation I accept by doing this.. So, as I close, please pray HE will remind you often of this glorious, wondrous TRUTH of his intimate relationship with/to you. 'Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.' (Romans 15:13) True PEACE, HOPE and JOY are some of the most wonderful GIFTS we can receive.. GRACE, MERCY, LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS in Him, are some others! 
   Have a blessed Christmas and a wonder-filled new year as you TUNE IN to His presence within if you have received Him into your life by accepting the way made possible for you to fellowship with him. Praise God for his compassion that allowed his Son, the Lord Jesus, to become the sacrifice needed for our sins .. He said, IT IS FINISHED.. All we need to do is accept gratefully, this GRACE beyond measure!

Monday, December 5, 2011


The fact that it's been nearly a full month since my last post might hint of a very complex/challenging past few weeks. My choice of title today also can be a clue! I'll just state it this way: "I am so grateful for out Lord's insistence upon directing my attention solely to his all-sufficiency, faithfulness, protection, compassion, mercy, and SO MUCH MORE! I have never been so impressed and refreshed by those 2 accounts of how God's faithful ones were miraculously spared destruction from flames and hungry lions. His presence was actually observed by Nebuchadnezzar as he gazed into the furnace and saw 4 unbound men walking around! The three men had been bound before they 'fell' into the furnace! I am so grateful HE doesn't mind being with us when 'through fiery trials, our pathways shall lie.. His grace all-sufficient, being our supply!'
  Moving on, I want to introduce the topic of the PREEMINENCE of CHRIST.. Not, the prominence of Him, but the preeminence! In the above stated examples of His presence, we do see his GREATNESS, EXCELLENCE, SUPREMACY,  SUPERIORITY, AND PERFECTION.  No matter the circumstances we may find ourselves in, we get to (must?!) TRUST only in His presence within and with us to enable the living of our earthbound lives solely to his glory! (SOLI DEO GLORIA!) Daily ask yourself if you are focused totally upon his ALL-SUFFICIENCY to display his PREEMINENCE in/through you! I will join you!  More to come....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BFN or, BFF?

Recently, I've been thinking more and more about how wonderful it is to be called a friend of God! I am perplexed at how little I live in that truth most of the time. It seems the Lord certainly understands this though because just this morning as I was 'down on myself' due to struggling with a particular, ever-insistent addictive behavior in my life, HE made certain the following song began the music line-up on my morning devotions radio program.   "There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus... No, not one.. No, not one.. None else can heal all our soul's diseases.. No, not one.. No, not one!"  As soon as the 'soul's diseases' words were sung, my precious Lord comforted me by assuring me He is there all the time and is willing to heal, thus deliver me from this behavior I succumb to more often than I'd like to admit. Each time, though, I must consciously decide whether to say,'By For Now' to Him and his offer of deliverance, or to welcome my Best Friend Forever as He offers his Holy Spirit's strength to me.
One of the keys to accepting His power to deliver me is to remember to remember! My husband says he often forgets to remember! Oh, how I know this reality personally!  I need to pray more fervently for myself, asking for HIM to remind me!  I need to close now, so please consider PSALM 103 as it exhorts us to 'forget not all his benefits..' He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.. redeems our lives from the pit and crowns us with love and compassion... satifies our desires with good things so our youth is renewed like the eagle's.  I, especially need to let HIM satisfy my desires with all HE knows is good for me! Who could ask for a better forever friend?

Monday, November 7, 2011


In my current study of the New Testament book of ACTS, I am at the part where Paul says he knows a man who was allowed to get a glimpse of the 'hereafter,' as one who loves the Lord will know it. His account speaks in a third person manner although he could have been the one he speaks of..(He would not want to boast of having had this experience even though he had been left for dead after being stoned on his first missionary journey.) If he was indeed the one granted this look into eternity, he chose not to draw attention to himself which makes sense because those of us who love the Lord only want to point to our Jesus in all of his glory.. not ours!
So, what does it mean when we are told to boast in the Lord? Jeremiah 9:23-24 remind the strong, rich,and wise not to boast in their strength, riches, or wisdom respectively.. Then it says , 'But let him who boasts, boast of this.. That he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight.' Wow! We are told to speak with strong confidence about how we can/do KNOW, and understand, the LORD GOD, CREATOR of ALL!
I like the lyrics to a contemporary song which basically say this,.. "I will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom, but I will boast in Jesus Christ..." (then they go on to list things like his grace, his power, his mercy, etc,.. but I don't have them accurately memorized..)   I will wrap up for now, by simply saying that for me, it is a joy to ocassionally share with you just a little bit of what the LORD has me thinking about. May He give you the wisdom and fervor to share whatever/whenever He is intending you to do so.  SOLI DEO GLORIA.. To God's Glory Only!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Warm greetings to all who read this... The title pretty much says it all... OF COURSE, I realize that some of you gather for worship on SATURDAY, which I fully understand... So, the puns don't 'work' for you, but the gist of this message still applies to us all... We get to choose how to spend each day of  'our' week so most of you who read this DO choose to set aside one for worship, fellowship and other God-centered activities.   The reason I am writing this is because I WAS DELIGHTED when I finally thought of the use of SON'SDAY for a pun on SUNDAY! Also, in an earlier message, I'd mentioned SINDAY, which of course, is how a vast majority of humanity is content to designate it. (whether it's by 'busyness' around the house, yard, etc... or with sports, etc..) OH! I do realize that many Christians have jobs which require 24/7 staffing so I have worked a paying job on Sundays in the past.. This message is not about being 'legalistic,' but is meant to encourage each of us to set aside at least ONE day per week to worship our Lord, fellowship, minister, and rest.. (even if this means doing so alone or with a spouse, etc. due to a job or unavoidable committment..)
The 'particulars' of how we spend this day vary greatly and I am certain our Lord will direct each of us according to his pleasing will..   Basically, we can be grateful HE provided us with a precedent by resting on the 7th day! Enjoying our Lord, thus blessing HIM, is something many of us forget to let ourselves do! So, dear readers, make it a point to have at least one SON'S DAY  each week, NO MATTER the name of the day on the calendar!                         P.S.- I don't mean to say we can only enjoy the Lord one day a week! Actually, each day can be a SON'S DAY, thus making it a truly SONny day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

These Times

Years ago, my mom taught me to Trust, Relinquish, and Yield.  Of course, she was referring to trusting only in the Lord as well as yielding to his wondrous all-suffiency in all matters.. Then, as we do these, we can more readily relinquish any/all desires to insist upon 'our' way instead of his! Basically, this is what I wrote about in my most recent post, but it is a re-packaging of it. I am quite aware of how so many of us seem to only be 'comfortable?' when we are yielding to what we think we want.... UGH! Notice, I said, 'us,' since I want to make certain you all know I struggle with not wanting to relinquish my inclusion of too much food going into my body. I know true JOY when I do relinquish, thus I would love to know that many of you 'out there' are also experiencing the relief and joy of yielding your will to his... I think of the when Paul (I think it was him) stated his need for 'More of YOU, less of me.' I don't know the location of this in scripture since my limited concordance didn't include it, but, it all boils down to... Who are we trusting to know what's best for us- to meet our every need?
There are more 'global' matters at hand in our lives as Americans currently so I am very glad I can, and do, know I can sing, 'I am not afraid,.. I will trust in YOU, my Father,' as a song I was just listening to says so well. I urge you all to take a look at any areas you might be forfeiting the PEACE of GOD due to clinging to 'how you think things should/could be.' Let's all loosen our grips on what we think we want or 'need,' so we can experience much more of that true PEACE, HOPE,  and JOY He intends for/through us....  May the trying times in, and aspects of, our lives be transformed into times of truly Trusting, Relinquishing our wills, and Yielding to all He knows is best so we may live more fully to his GLORY as another result.   Because His Love is Perfect and is focused on us, Sheila

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today, I would simply like to suggest how sometimes a looming or pervasive, seeming DISappointment in our lives CAN truly be one of HIS appointments~ For, you see, our Lord often allows us to not comprehend what HE is 'up to,' so we can grow in our ability to trust Him as we begin receive his comfort, or, to see the outcome of whatever was possibly 'uncomfortable?' for a time. In ISAIAH 55:8-9 we are reminded, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are you ways my ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." I am fully aware of how us human beings desire to 'understand' just what's happening to us, yet I am relieved each time I recall how PROVERBS 3:5-6 exhorts me to not lean on my own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all my ways so He can direct my paths.  Probably the 'bottom line' of this whole message is, "Do we trust HIM as much as we say we love HIM?" If so, the DISappointments we face for seasons in our lives will be received as HIS appointments  to times of growing deeper in love with HIM as our trust is rewarded when we are allowed to see the fruits of whatever He has intended for/through us  while relinquishing our desires to control what we think we need or have 'rights' to at times. (Sometimes I feel like Paul since run-on sentences are hard to avoid.. Sorry!)  So, dear readers- Pause to ask yourself if you are 'holding a grudge' against the LORD for any possible unmet? desire in your life... Are you claiming a 'right' to whatever it is? If so, you are probably being led the wrong way... 'Rights can be wrong!' when we are HIS... However, we do have rights to peace, hope, and joy!... But the enemy seeks to steal and kill and destroy... Will you let him?  I hope and pray not!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


While  anticipating experiencing a presentation of Beethoven's Eroica Symphony recently, I was struck by the thought of the volume of sheets of paper with marks on them which  represented each instrumentalist's individual responsibility to translate them into music to our ears. I am imagining the stack brought forth from the Seattle Symphony's library to have  been much more than a foot thick! Once I wandered from that realization, I began to think about how those sheets were simply useless to most of us! Why?? We don't have the orientation, training, or skill to interpret and translate those marks of ink into musical notes on the various instruments... I was also led to consider just what went into producing each kind of instument; trees growing, metals in mines, reeds growing, 'cat gut' being produced wherever it grows, horse tails being readied for bows, and SO MUCH MORE! Also-- What about the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to actually put these materials into the proper form for service for actual musically productive use? Catch my drift?
Since I am spiritually minded, I delighted in applying this line of thinking to our Creator's relationship to us! We're often reminded how we're all parts of one body.... meant to compliment each other as we live with His life within us...  But, I was thrilled to consider myself to be just one component of HIS SYMPHONY. I won't even begin to speculate regarding just what 'part' I am..(as in, 'ink notes on paper,' 'metal for a brass instrument,' etc.) , any more than I try to figure out if I am a 'fingernail,' ' big toe,' or possibly a major blood vessel in the body of Christ!
I'll close by simply rejoicing in this: I live each day in and with the desire to bring glory to our Lord! That symphony we heard brought glory to Beethoven and joy to us as we were blessed by its 'beauty.' But, isn't living to the glory of our LORD much more meaningful? HE is the master of all enduring enjoyment! Being part of his expression of Himself to those on Earth is certainly 'music to my ears!'  Let's join with the heavens as we declare God's Glory!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Many of you may have seen these already, but for those who haven't, I am sharing them today. Simply put, we can chose NOT to let these be the days of our weeks!.. SINDAY, MOURNDAY, TEARSDAY, WASTEDAY, THIRSTDAY, FIGHTDAY,  and SHATTERDAY.  As I typed these, I realized there's really nothing wrong with being THIRSTY as long as we know JESUS as our living water and admit how thirsty we are for the refreshment only HE can provide. Then, of course, as Christian soldiers we choose not to not accept Satan's attacks (FIGHTDAY!), but to proclaim the matchless name of JESUS to battle his efforts. (The wonderful truth I love to remember here, is that the ultimate battle has already been won by JESUS through his death and resurrection!.. We get to live accordingly when we 'remember' to!)
The other 2 days I see which could have 'alternate' meanings are MOURNDAY and TEARSDAY, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with mourning at times... We just don't need to be mired in a permanent state of disabling grief. Even Jesus wept at one point. (right before Lazarus was raised!)  One  more thought regarding sorrow, is to not resist God's tears regarding sin He's revealing to you.  In fact, welcome his attentive care for yours and his relationship...                                                                                
BUT, all of you 'out there in cyber-space' and those I cross paths with at times, beware of SINDAY, WASTEDAY, and SHATTERDAY.... and, of course, beware of those other days when their names are taken at 'face value' in the detrimental sense they were all intended..  EVERY DAY of our lives, the LORD has plans for our hope and future... plans to prosper, and not to harm us.. (Jeremiah 29:11). How do you intend to respond to his HOLY SPIRIT within you as He cares for you each day? Perhaps verses 12 and 13 of Jeremiah 29 provide some help... "Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." ('Heart' is often meant as 'soul,' which includes your mind, emotions, and will.)   May you know the peace, hope, and joy I KNOW HE intends for you as you look to Him, receiving his care.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Just this morning I heard an account of an 87 year old agnostic who met Jesus 8 weeks before his body expired. What a thrill his daughter was blessed with since he was fully aware of his new birth inside of that old, tired body. They shared 8 weeks of scriptures, prayer and, best of all..True PEACE, HOPE  and JOY! The interesting aspect of her testimony was how she was willing to admit that she'd  'finally stopped praying for her dad since she figured he was never going to accept Jesus.' How wrong she was, and how convicted also..            Last weekend we were treated to many true-life stories which illustrated the Biblical truths  the speaker at our family retreat was presenting. He's a great story teller so we enjoyed the way  he conveyed how the Lord had planted him in someone's life to lead that fellow to the Lord after 40 years of  his family members praying diligently for him..How DO you spell, 'WOW!'? Praise the Lord!
Today, we can ask ourselves if we feel a sense of despair about anything... If so, we can rest assured that the Lord knows our source of consternation and that HE is 'on the job.' The other question we can ask is, "Do we TRUST HIM as much as we say we LOVE HIM?"  Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds us to 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, leaning not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledging Him so He can direct your paths.'  (out of despair,etc.?)  In His Grace.. Blessings to all..

Friday, September 2, 2011


Recently I've found myself saying or thinking, "Oh, my goodness... Oh, my goodness!" somewhat frequently. This caused me to recall the scene in ANNIE when she is first in the home of Daddy Warbucks. In her total AMAZEMENT, all she can manage to say is that which I've been saying more often nowadays.. For, you see, I am thrilled by all our Lord continues to pour out upon me.. There never seems to be a period of more than maybe 3 hours when HE hasn't somehow delighted me by some sort of evidence of his merciful, gracious, humorous, or other endearing ways HE has.. I love to see HIM at work and HE loves to delight me. As I think back on the ultimately AMAZING events in the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea, and of course, the EMPTY TOMB, I am glad to know I experience the 'wonder' of my Lord in ways that are just as significant! My thought for each of you today is... Are you asking Him to make you aware of the many awe-inspiring ways He displays Himself to you? Ask Him to increase your sense of wonder every moment of each day.. One of the results can be your growing committment to delighting HIM! (pleasing Him by the choices you make and so many more ways..)  What scriptures can you think of regarding the wonder of HIM? Have fun as you notice more of his special ways of delighting and amazing you! HE LOVES US ALL SO MUCH!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Greetings to you, dear readers...  One of my problems I face, is that I always have too many ideas about what to blog about! Well, I've decided to 'wait upon the Lord' as I trust Him to cause a certain, intended idea to 'blare out loudly at me,' so I'll know, 'This is the one.'      Here's the one for now!        Recently, I was reminded of this simple truth...  ASAP usually means As Soon As Possible, especially in today's text talk, but, for all of us, it can mean  ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER...   As I am typing, I am listening to a Mark Schultz CD as he sings of times' I am walked through the valley of the shadow... and even though all hope is gone and I've been wounded in the battle.. HE WILL CARRY ME!'   I have a 'hunch' that one or more of you 'out there in cyber-space' is momentarily feeling 'hopeless..'  This is OK for the moment, but please don't forget to let HIM pick you up and carry you throughout whatever He's allowing for you to be able to grow closer to HIM..  I love the final lines of the well-known poem  FOOTPRINTS--- 'IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU!' (referring to the single set of footprints in the sand after the 2 sets of them had been side-by-side for awhile.)  Never ever hesitate to (Always!) Say A Prayer! He's waiting for you acknowledge that HE is your LIFE and your All-in-All...
As we remember to not let our feelings 'pull our train in life' which can result in derailing us, we can rejoice in the  privelege we all have as his children and friends... The privilege of climbing up into his arms (or lap!) so He can meet our every need! Blessings to all..

Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Just the mention of a family reunion can conjure up all sorts of images...  Fried chicken and potato salad? Fun and games? Custom-made tee-shirts with family names on them? And, how about  the inevitable, 'strained'conversations?   Yours?                                                                        Today, I am writing to provide a contrast to the genetically-based family reunion.. I'd like to share the joys of being in the LORD'S family forever,.. beginning while still on Earth!   On a recent ferry ride, my husband and I were approached by some Christian friends we'd not seen for several years.. It was great to spend some unexpected moments quickly 'filling-in-the blanks' in each other's past 5 years or so. As we did, another reunion was immanent for we didn't know another church friend had just returned from Africa and was about to tap on my husband's shoulder! Needless to say, all 5 of us wished the ferry wasn't about to dock.. We'd have liked much more time to share the goodness of our LORD with each other.. I was struck by  how blessed we are, and just how wonderful it is to be 'one' so instantly with those who are HIS..    Looking at earlier this month, I wrote about the Korean and Russian Christians who were delightful to unite in song with while we were up on 'our' Deception/'Reception' Pass camping time. To those who read this, may you be ever blessed, and be ever a blessing to those you are led to 'connect' with.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified as we enjoy our brothers and sisters from everywhere... anytime, anywhere!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


OOPS! I didn't mean to post it yet! ... Here's the 'more..'      Just when we thought HE had us totally "wowed" out of our 'gourds,' our LORD displayed the WONDER of HIS glory one more extremely special time!! On the second morning after our 3 times of worship with other believers, HE let us go out on a kayak tour. He'd timed it so we would be found in a deep sense of WONDER as we witnessed a pod of ORCAS only 50-100 yards away from us.. One large one even surfaced within 20 yards of us! What a thrill, what a joy, and, what a display of the glory of our God!  So, my message to all of us today is, "Are we ready to witness, and to acknowledge, the glory of our LORD as HE shows it to us today?" Remember, just being welcome in his presence is full of  WONDER as we realize the price He paid to make this possible....   Be blessed, and, be a blessing! May all you or I do this day please Him as He continues to work his transforming ways within us!  Now, may the God of all hope fill you with true peace and joy as you overflow with hope as you trust in HIM... (ROMANS 15:13- paraphrase).  Good bye for now...


A Heartfelt Greeting to all who read this.... My chosen title for today comes from my increasing sense of WONDER as I grow more deeply in love with the LORD! SinceJohn's and my return from our annual 10-night camping trip at Deception Pass/ Reception Pass State Park on the north end of Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound, I have found myself frequently asking others, "HOW MANY WAYS CAN A PERSON SPELL 'WOW!?'..(As in being caught in the state of WONDER!)
So-- I am playing with the word, WONDER, in the title!  This is because our LORD showed his constant faithfulness to us again this year during these 11 days away... Two of the ways HE delighted us were when we got to worship HIM along with believers singing in Russian and then, in Korean! It's WONDERFUL to sing simultaneously in English as they sing in their native languages.. I love to experience the contact with others from around the world who also know our LORD personally. What a blessing to unite in praising Jesus! Also, between the days of contact with the Russians (who were singing with an accordian accompianist) and the Korean (who sings with a computer to accompany her..), we took my guitar up onto the highest point in the park on Sunday AM so we could sing our hearts out. The Lord sent 3 separate Christian families/couples up to there so they could 'join in' for a few moments before heading back down.  All were grateful for the opportunity to sing HIS praises for a awhile with us..
BUT WAIT! There's more... Just when we

Monday, July 4, 2011


Whenever it's tempting to wonder if the Lord REALLY knows what HE'S doing... Stop, and remember this brief message!  Seven decades ago, my in-laws began having children... The first was a boy, as was the second.. I'm assuming that they couldn't help but hope for a girl the third time, but they were presented with their third son! Not only that, but the fourth was also a son...  I don't know about them, but I am very glad their third was a boy because he has been my best friend, husband, and lover for nearly 38 years now! If he'd been a girl....  Oh well... Would I have a delightful husband??? Only God knows..
Most recently, we have welcomed a refreshing lady into our lives... She is the only daughter in a family of seven children... You got it! She was the last to be born!  Six boys before her folks 'finally' got a daughter.  I personally, am very glad they allowed themselves to continue to produce children because I am thrilled to meet their daughter.....  ONLY OUR LORD knows who needs to be born when and how their presence on Earth will impact SO MANY OTHERS.. (In this case.. This gal is able to impact others to the GLORY OF GOD!)
PSALM 139:13-16  has some 'priceless' verses which remind us that HE knew us in the womb and He has our days numbered.. For me, this is extremely comforting.. KNOWING HIM, rejoicing in the fact that his thoughts about me are more numerous than the grains of sand, and TRUSTING his sovereignity, continue to keep me 'Going, growing, and glowing!' To God Alone Be the Glory!
ONE MORE NOTE-- Our third child was the 'tie-breaker' since we already had our boy and girl, but the important fact here is she almost was a 'wasn't!' Contraception attempts failed and other choices were made which opened the door for her birth... Her husband and children are very glad, as we are also! She's had 3 possibly deadly events in her life, but the LORD certainly has her days numbered as she lives her life in communion with Him.. YES LORD! Her 'Life verse' is Philippians 1:6- For me to live is Christ.. To die is to gain!'  HE doesn't want her to be 'home' with Him quite yet! YES LORD!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


“ by”

Sheila Dean

Lord, I’ve often heard it said that those who love you are

surprised by your way- It’s no wonder it seems that way, as we rely upon You

day by day!

Recently though, it has come to me,

that you want us to be as delighted as we can be!

You speak to us saying,

“Dear ones, there’s no end to my displaying

of peace, hope, and joy directed towards you!

Observe and receive all that I so willingly do—

I don’t desire to surprise you,

For you know my sole sufficiency in all I am

and have for you!

However, I do delight in causing you to rejoice

as I enlighten your way of my choice-

It’s my pleasure to care for you in every

detail of your daily living.

There’s no end to my resources issued forth

as I exercise divine giving!

Abundant grace is meant to delight you!

SO, go ahead and be tickled!—

Even giggle a little-(or a lot!)

For, as you do, it’s a gift to me to see

you’re rejoicing in whose you’re not!”

Lord, I thank you deeply for the privilege of

casting my cares upon You-

For, You do delight me as I realize all You do!

Dear Readers- This was an experiment to see if I could cut and paste one of my (His!) poems onto a blog.. I think it's working... 
The title of this post is meant to be          "DeLIGHTed"!

I will simply say at this point that most of us may have heard the 'punny' phrase associated with JOHN 15 which is about the vine and the branches.. 'I am 'divine,'  and you are 'de branches!'  Well, my thought today is that sinceHE is also the LIGHT of the world, we are to be truly 'deLIGHTed' ones!  I have much more to say about all of this, but I will leave you for now... Please, do let the LORD delight you continually as you trust him in all matters of your earthbound life!    Because HE loves us, Sheila

Friday, June 10, 2011


I often tell others that when I'm not at my school doing my paid job, I am at my other 'job' which pays far better than the wages I receive from my school district.  Most days, as I walk away from school, I look forward to visiting 'my' senior citizens... Some days I will lead a lightweight Bible study. Sometimes I'll sit in someone's room for 30-90 minutes to just 'be there' as I listen to concerns, etc. On other days, I will 'make the rounds' in the care facilities where I am committed to sing at bedsides to individuals (and their roommates!?). There are no words to effectively describe the depths of joy experienced as my LORD restores me during these times. (My paid job can easily 'deplete' me at times!)
As I was reading the Gospel of Mark this AM, I noticed once again this comment by Jesus..."It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." (Mark 2:17) It finally dawned on me that we do have the ULTIMATE HEALTH CARE PLAN!  Do we realize it and, are we grateful? Jesus promises abundant, peaceful, hope-filled, joyful life! All of these are wonderful 'medicine' to our struggling souls as we suffer the 'ills of society' which can impact us frequently...  I, myself, have learned to delight in 'Doctor Jesus,' as HE constantly cares for me far better than any earthly physician ever could!  How about you? 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hello to all- As I am  preparing a message on HOLDING FAST, I am pausing to share this fun word with you...!  This is because SATAN, our adversary is full of it! Lies, deceptions, distortions, and other 'crafty' methods all belong to his TARRADIDDLE!  So- Be on guard and let him know WHOSE YOU ARE and WHO YOUR LORD IS!   I PETER  1:13 calls us  to 'PREPARE OUR MINDS for action; be SELF-CONTROLLED (in the power of his HOLY SPIRIT within us!); SET OUR HOPE FULLY ON THE GRACE TO BE GIVEN YOU when JESUS CHRIST IS REVEALED.'  Notice how HE is so ready to reveal his grace at any point.. Jesus Christ can be 'known and shown' every moment of every day if we but HOLD FAST as ones anchored in the blessed HOPE and ASSURANCE we have solely in the completed 'work' of Jesus, our Lord and Savior!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


As I contemplate the content of this message, I am extremely grateful to be able to truly sing so many of the wondrous truths of a personal walk with the Lord. Today, I was telling 'my' seniors I lead hymns for that 'Music is the language of the soul..'  I find it nearly impossible to share anything of a 'spiritual'  nature with anyone without letting hymn lyrics say part of it for me...  Thus, the title of this post..
Not long ago, a dear friend of ours indicated loss of all hope.. UGH! I wanted to erupt in song by singing, "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness.." but it would't have been very sensitive to have done so at that point.. (or at least I thought so!) This topic I am on reminds me of Psalm 40 which states how the LORD answers our cry for help as He pulls us up out of the muck and mire, setting our feet upon a rock which gives us a firm place to stand.. YES LORD, YES LORD, yes, yes, LORD!  Knowing the security of a firm place to stands relies upon our willingness to call our to HIM humbly and with tender hearts.. (which admit our need for HIS care for us.)  SO, I pray that anyone who reads this message will speak out to the LORD so HE can place you securely on the rock of Christ.. His blood, and his righteousness.. To God's glory only!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today's title is 'inspired' by the fact that 3 separate theaters I'm aware of in my area have all chosen to perform THE WIZARD OF OZ  this spring... It makes me think that a lot of people 'out there' are sort of wishing, and hoping that life could have 'happy endings'  in unexpected manners all the time.. As a child, my favorite book was our family's worn out copy of this story.. I loved the color pictures and really identified with the lion's need for courage..      At any rate, I began thinking that I am in love with THE LORD OF AWE! (I'd wanted to say, 'The LORD of AWES', but that isn't a real word!.. "Aw, shucks!," as I believe the lion used to say..)
These past 3 weeks have been full of opportunities for me to 'walk my talk' as I've had to let the facts of my love relationship to the true LORD OF AWE, sustain and encourage me throughout several sources of potential despair...  GUESS WHAT! Remembering to focus on those facts about HIS all-sufficiency, power, grace, mercy, perfect shepherding of me, and much more, have truly allowed me to be in constant AWE of HIM!                                                                         If you 'happen upon' this message, I'd just love to tell all of you that life doesn't have to be lived in a fantasy world of 'I sure hope and wish that things will get better,' etc... but that YOU can count on the LORD JESUS CHRIST'S perfect mercy, grace and compassion to envelope and support you ALL THE TIME, if you but ask and trust Him... Begin now, and that 'Wizard of  Oz' ending can be yours moment by moment....  Remember to call 1-888-NEED HIM if you'd like assistance in entering into this relationship and all it means.. Until next time, I say, 'MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU AS HE MAKES HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU AND IS GRACIOUS TO YOU, AS HE TURNS HIS FACT TOWARD YOU TO GIVE YOU PEACE.' (NUMBERS 6:24-26)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'd like to  dedicate today's entry to Pastor Mark who was able to lead many of us as we grew more aware of just how 'heavenly' it is to know the Lord personally!       He no longer needs to sing, "I Can Only Imagine," but now sings, "If You Could See Me Now!"                                           
 As I sit here, I am listening to a song called, I HAVE HEARD OF A CITY CALLED HEAVEN and, I have just read comments from the family of a very beloved pastor who recently went home to be with Jesus after more than 10 years of Lou Gehrig's (ALS) disease.  The comments indicate just how many lives were blessedly impacted through his life on Earth... Then, some of them convey how Heaven must blessed to have him there now...  Prior to this morning, I'd been intending to write this message and had already chosen its title... For, you see, as the pastor's family can testify to, those of us who are the Lord's CAN live in 'Heaven' on Earth.... I don't know about most of you reading this, but to me, it is HEAVENLY to live at peace with my Lord as I appreciate the hope and joy (and, of course, his merciful, gracious,  never failing love !) his presence within me generates. In fact, I propose to all of us today that it is this wondrous indwelling of his Holy Spirit which enables us to be blessed by, and to be a blessing to, our Lord as well as to others daily. For, as we convey the true PEACE, HOPE, and JOY He provides, we are indeed presenting the reality of 'heaven on Earth..' Living in his presence and with his presence within us is meant to be 'Heavenly' for we ARE in personal communion and fellowship with HIM here and now! YES Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord! 

As I proofread this, the song on my new CD is,   I CHOOSE JESUS- 'not for a day, but for eternity!' HE is here now! I hope and trust you all have chosen Jesus not just for today, but for eternity! If you happen to be uncertain, simply call 1-888-NEED HIM.

Friday, March 11, 2011


LOST IN HIS LOVE? Today's title is finished by these capitalized lyrics found in BLESSED ASSURANCE. They have to be some of my absolute favorite words in the many hymns I know.... This is because each time I sing them (at least 3 times weekly as I lead hymns in various care facilities), I find myself being able to identify with the wonder of truly being 'lost' in his love... This does not mean I am 'lost and not findable!,' but means I'm awed as I wander freely and without cares in the depths of his wondrous love for me! So, when I get to sing these words, they are much more than simply 'words.'  
While I'm on this topic, I also love to sing, "fills my every longing- keeps me singing as I go.." These are found at the end of  HE KEEPS ME SINGING.  What a blessing it is to be able to truly say that HE does fill my every longing...HE KNOWS all I need and He's always a step ahead of me as HE meeets fills those needs and longings..
Finally, for now,- The lyrics, "Hast thou not seen how all thy desires have been granted in what He ordaineth?" almost always come to mind when I sing the above lyrics.. I don't 'get' to sing this song, PRAISE TO THE LORD THE ALMIGHTY as often since it's not in my group songbook, but I've internalized its message...  What a fantastic truth! Do you have any favorite songs? (or parts thereof?)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ignorant Does Not Mean Dumb...

Recently, I've had the opportunity to point out that being ignorant of something does not mean you are 'dumb.' It's OK to admit lack of knowledge of a certain realm of facts.. I can tell you right now that I am NOT a rocket scientist so you won't find me working at NASA!   So, what am I writing about this title for?  Well, let me tell you that one of the last things I said to someone today was basically, "You just haven't had the opportunity to learn much about this particular topic." It's no shame to  not know 'something about everything'! In fact, it can be quite fun and enlightening to decide to welcome new knowledge!  So, dear readers, I'd like to encourage you to set your minds on things above as you realize the Father up above is looking down in love! HE has so much waiting for you to learn and, He is a very merciful, compassionate, and gracious instructor! In II Timothy 3:16, we find that 'All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, and for training in righteousness...'  We can be very grateful for the Bible since it truly allows us to come to know more of the LORD.. I am so fascinated when I stop to consider just how HE inspired its contents so HE might reveal himself to us. Have you paused to consider the wonder of being able to approach the LORD GOD, creator of all, in an intimate manner?  JESUS himself, called his disciples friends..! That's another wonder!
I'll close now by simply challenging you (as well as myself!) to grow in knowledge of HIS word, and of HIM personally!  DID you know that Jeremiah 9:23-24 says we CAN know HIM?  Just open your mind and heart to welcome his presence within you if you haven't known about these wonderful truths yet! Afterall, JESUS did say He is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life! Blessings to you continue or begin to discover just how MUCH He loves you!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simply Words?

This will be brief, I hope! Recently, I was concerned when I heard someone saying they 'should' have done a certain optional thing... It was said in a manner which sounded as if they were condemning themself. I would propose the use of 'could' have done instead of 'should' since  'should' implies as sense of guilt but the use of 'could' simply acknowledges possibly a missed opportunity.. (This was being said in the context of my friend's mentioning of how her quiet times with our Lord had not been what they 'should' have been recently..) See what I mean? 
One more pair of words I think about often is  'Successful/Significant,' for, once again, words do make a difference.. It was the coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungee (sp?) who verified my thinking about these words in our Christian lives... We are not meant to be 'successful' as such since all we do is to be solely to the LORD's GLORY, but, we ARE meant to lead 'significant' lives which flourish as we become more yielded to His presence within us so that others can be impacted by the prospect of true PEACE, HOPE, JOY, MERCY, GRACE, and SO MUCH MORE becoming possible for their lives also!
Now for an intriguing thought about the power of a word.. This morning during my quiet time, I noticed the use of the word, "if" 4 times in II Peter 2:4-9.. I know the LORD has a reason for its presence there, but take time to look up why I am maybe a little bit puzzled about why THAT word is there instead of "since."  Blessings to all who read this...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Had I been an Egyptian during the times of Pharoah before the Exodus, I definitely would not have been delighted with more frogs! Well, since I'm NOT living with a plague of them, I will tell you why I have been tickled as the Lord has been blessing me with MORE FROGS!  It all began when I assisted only one time in a children's Sunday School class years ago.. That day, they were being shown to Fully Rely On God! AKA: FROG! For months afterwards, I purchased and circulated little rubber frogs to friends so they'd be reminded to rely!(on God, of course!)  Now, jumping forward a few years of my life, I find myself enjoying my Lord as yesterday, and already today (before 9 A.M), He's been leading me to many frogs around my home! (One of them was even inside of a 'super ball' which is half clear!)  It seems He is determined to remind me that I can, and shouldfully rely on Him solely for the power, and strength to make choices which 'tickle' Him! I'm constantly assured, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.."  YES! This is why I've written about more FROGS today.. HE DELIGHTS in encouraging me to walk in constant triumph over my dead-in-sin nature..   COLOSSIANS 2:13-15 delight me now as I read how He's made me alive with Christ Jesus- having disarmed powers and authorities, triumphing over them by the cross!!
As I re-read this I noted the reciprocal ways He delights and tickles me and I, Him! We need not be hesitant to let HIM, and to return in kind.. F.R.O.G.!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

P.B.'n J. vs. P.H.'n J.!?

Making choices in life constantly confounds me as my flesh battles against the Lord's best for/through me. So, what about today's title? Well, I love to tell others that 'True PEACE, HOPE and JOY are available to me at all times.' This is true if only I welcome the power of HIS presence within me as the Holy Spirit overpowers the enemy's attempts/intentions to rob me of the peace, hope and joy, I've realized I know a LOT of the time.. So, I 'get to' choose between a gooey, fattening, not-very-healthy, peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or another sort of indulgence!) and a much wiser option to eat. When I do choose healthily, the PEACE is worth the 'sacrifice' of not eating whatever was 'calling me' to eat unwisely..
I recall my early college years when I would ask my mentor why I insisted on depriving myself of the 'delight of discipline.' I still ask the same question.. Basically, the answer is that my creator chose to allow me a free will.. He wants me to be able to choose HIS BEST for/through me, rather than 'foist' his presence upon/within me... So, dear readers, I don't know what 'plagues' your mind, causing you to refuse his deliverance a lot of the time, but please join me in desiring the PEACE, HOPE AND JOY HE imparts, over the 'satisfaction?' found in a PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH. (or anything else that would leave you under conviction and 'wishing 'I hadn't done that!)
As I've typed this, many scriptures have come to mind... How about 'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind,' from Romans 12:1-2 or "Set your minds on things above,....Put to death therefore what ever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.." from Colossians 3:2-5... We will do these more readily if we 'Fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith who for the JOY set before Him, endured the cross...'(Hebrews 12:2) I'm sure many more came to your mind as you read.. Today, dear reader, may you, along with me, choose our 'claim' to the wondrous Peace, Hope, and Joy that only comes by letting our Lord's presence rule over our earthly nature moment by moment because HE LOVES US!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today's title is inspired by a local real estate office's reader board.. On one side it speaks of a property with 'Peek-a-Boo' views and the other side speaks of one with a 'mother-in-law' unit included.. The 'peek-a-boo' really made me giggle the first time I read it... Now, where am I going with this train of thought... WELL, I'm just beginning to wonder how many individuals have 'shopping lists' when they begin to search for that elusive 'whatever is missing inside of me..' Often, as one is realizing the need for help from that 'higher power,' (or whatever!) they dread the prospect of walking through the door of 'just any old church,' etc.. They have preconceived fears, prejudices, and other hesitations.. Many probably think they'll have to ''give up" the 'good times and all included in them.' So we, as the Lord's children, have the responsibility to represent the desirability of a personal relationship to the LORD, as the true answer for the emptiness mankind experiences at some point in life. I am wondering which 'features' of my love for the LORD might attract a seeker to Him, were they to be displayed in a 'reader board format.' Peacefulness, joyfulness, and hopefulness are just 3 of the ones I'd hope would be 'advertised.'
I am going to switch 'trains' at this point to simply affirm what most of us know if we are already the LORD's--- We are NOT 'RELIGIOUS,' but are ones who live in a deepening personal relationship to HIM!-THE KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! Those who are seeking a 'religion' to satisfy them or to provide a sense of 'purpose for living,' will only be perpetually empty inside.. For, it is only the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF- THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, that can abort the 'shopping for a good religion' trip!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


As I considered the possible uses of this morning's time slot for my 'study/writing/quiet' time, I realized I needed to concentrate on the gist of this message.... One of my family members is my inspiration since they have acquired an affectionate nickname of 'Wrong-way_____.' For, it seems this individual is 'directionally impaired,' especially when it comes to learning their way around this area we live in.... So, each time they realize they are headed the wrong direction, they must decide to 'swallow their pride,' then, turn around!! Well.... That is just about like any/all of us who find ourselves needing to relinquish our 'rights' to any bad habits or indulgences so we may truly turn to our Lord for his strength and direction in our lives.. Recently, I have adopted this phrase... "To turn, is to return.." For me, it means realizing my dependence upon our LORD so I can live the truth of the first song I heard on my Morning Devotions radio show on KCIS AM630 today..The song was, STRENGTH WILL RISE AS WE WAIT UPON THE LORD. Now, 3 or 4 songs later, I've turned up the radio volume to "THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH."
I don't know about any of you readers 'out there,' but I am not one who makes New Year's resolutions. I do realize though when I need to intentionally turn from my sinful indulgences so I can glorify my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST daily.. For, when I do, the JOY He fills me with is beyond description! Strength to resist temptations comes from swallowing my pride instead of all that I consider to be so 'desirable.' Blessings to all who read this! Which scripture verses can you think of to support your desires to glorify the Lord??