Monday, December 5, 2011


The fact that it's been nearly a full month since my last post might hint of a very complex/challenging past few weeks. My choice of title today also can be a clue! I'll just state it this way: "I am so grateful for out Lord's insistence upon directing my attention solely to his all-sufficiency, faithfulness, protection, compassion, mercy, and SO MUCH MORE! I have never been so impressed and refreshed by those 2 accounts of how God's faithful ones were miraculously spared destruction from flames and hungry lions. His presence was actually observed by Nebuchadnezzar as he gazed into the furnace and saw 4 unbound men walking around! The three men had been bound before they 'fell' into the furnace! I am so grateful HE doesn't mind being with us when 'through fiery trials, our pathways shall lie.. His grace all-sufficient, being our supply!'
  Moving on, I want to introduce the topic of the PREEMINENCE of CHRIST.. Not, the prominence of Him, but the preeminence! In the above stated examples of His presence, we do see his GREATNESS, EXCELLENCE, SUPREMACY,  SUPERIORITY, AND PERFECTION.  No matter the circumstances we may find ourselves in, we get to (must?!) TRUST only in His presence within and with us to enable the living of our earthbound lives solely to his glory! (SOLI DEO GLORIA!) Daily ask yourself if you are focused totally upon his ALL-SUFFICIENCY to display his PREEMINENCE in/through you! I will join you!  More to come....

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