Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This title is inspired by a big 'boo-boo' made recently at a San Diego area car maintenance facility of some sort!  You see... they had changed the oil on my dad's truck, FORGETTING TO PUT THE NEW OIL IN before my brother-in-law drove it away!!! ARG!! Of course, it wasn't long before the truck simply STOPPED as its engine truly froze!!! (at a time when he needed the truck so he could join his family at a special wedding rehearsal and dinner!)  Needless to say, the repair facility is paying for a rental car and a new engine for my dad's older truck! Sometimes, blessings DO COME IN DISGUISE! 
   The spiritual application I took from all of this is we, as the LORD'S children, should NEVER attempt to 'run,' or function effectively apart from the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT within our beings.. We will indeed 'freeze up' if not properly functioning as Spirit-filled, God-glorifying, individuals..   My question to each of us is,  "Have you checked your Holy Spirit, anointing oil's level recently?" IF not, WHY not?  Blessings to all!