Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Just the mention of a family reunion can conjure up all sorts of images...  Fried chicken and potato salad? Fun and games? Custom-made tee-shirts with family names on them? And, how about  the inevitable, 'strained'conversations?   Yours?                                                                        Today, I am writing to provide a contrast to the genetically-based family reunion.. I'd like to share the joys of being in the LORD'S family forever,.. beginning while still on Earth!   On a recent ferry ride, my husband and I were approached by some Christian friends we'd not seen for several years.. It was great to spend some unexpected moments quickly 'filling-in-the blanks' in each other's past 5 years or so. As we did, another reunion was immanent for we didn't know another church friend had just returned from Africa and was about to tap on my husband's shoulder! Needless to say, all 5 of us wished the ferry wasn't about to dock.. We'd have liked much more time to share the goodness of our LORD with each other.. I was struck by  how blessed we are, and just how wonderful it is to be 'one' so instantly with those who are HIS..    Looking at earlier this month, I wrote about the Korean and Russian Christians who were delightful to unite in song with while we were up on 'our' Deception/'Reception' Pass camping time. To those who read this, may you be ever blessed, and be ever a blessing to those you are led to 'connect' with.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified as we enjoy our brothers and sisters from everywhere... anytime, anywhere!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


OOPS! I didn't mean to post it yet! ... Here's the 'more..'      Just when we thought HE had us totally "wowed" out of our 'gourds,' our LORD displayed the WONDER of HIS glory one more extremely special time!! On the second morning after our 3 times of worship with other believers, HE let us go out on a kayak tour. He'd timed it so we would be found in a deep sense of WONDER as we witnessed a pod of ORCAS only 50-100 yards away from us.. One large one even surfaced within 20 yards of us! What a thrill, what a joy, and, what a display of the glory of our God!  So, my message to all of us today is, "Are we ready to witness, and to acknowledge, the glory of our LORD as HE shows it to us today?" Remember, just being welcome in his presence is full of  WONDER as we realize the price He paid to make this possible....   Be blessed, and, be a blessing! May all you or I do this day please Him as He continues to work his transforming ways within us!  Now, may the God of all hope fill you with true peace and joy as you overflow with hope as you trust in HIM... (ROMANS 15:13- paraphrase).  Good bye for now...


A Heartfelt Greeting to all who read this.... My chosen title for today comes from my increasing sense of WONDER as I grow more deeply in love with the LORD! SinceJohn's and my return from our annual 10-night camping trip at Deception Pass/ Reception Pass State Park on the north end of Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound, I have found myself frequently asking others, "HOW MANY WAYS CAN A PERSON SPELL 'WOW!?'..(As in being caught in the state of WONDER!)
So-- I am playing with the word, WONDER, in the title!  This is because our LORD showed his constant faithfulness to us again this year during these 11 days away... Two of the ways HE delighted us were when we got to worship HIM along with believers singing in Russian and then, in Korean! It's WONDERFUL to sing simultaneously in English as they sing in their native languages.. I love to experience the contact with others from around the world who also know our LORD personally. What a blessing to unite in praising Jesus! Also, between the days of contact with the Russians (who were singing with an accordian accompianist) and the Korean (who sings with a computer to accompany her..), we took my guitar up onto the highest point in the park on Sunday AM so we could sing our hearts out. The Lord sent 3 separate Christian families/couples up to there so they could 'join in' for a few moments before heading back down.  All were grateful for the opportunity to sing HIS praises for a awhile with us..
BUT WAIT! There's more... Just when we

Monday, July 4, 2011


Whenever it's tempting to wonder if the Lord REALLY knows what HE'S doing... Stop, and remember this brief message!  Seven decades ago, my in-laws began having children... The first was a boy, as was the second.. I'm assuming that they couldn't help but hope for a girl the third time, but they were presented with their third son! Not only that, but the fourth was also a son...  I don't know about them, but I am very glad their third was a boy because he has been my best friend, husband, and lover for nearly 38 years now! If he'd been a girl....  Oh well... Would I have a delightful husband??? Only God knows..
Most recently, we have welcomed a refreshing lady into our lives... She is the only daughter in a family of seven children... You got it! She was the last to be born!  Six boys before her folks 'finally' got a daughter.  I personally, am very glad they allowed themselves to continue to produce children because I am thrilled to meet their daughter.....  ONLY OUR LORD knows who needs to be born when and how their presence on Earth will impact SO MANY OTHERS.. (In this case.. This gal is able to impact others to the GLORY OF GOD!)
PSALM 139:13-16  has some 'priceless' verses which remind us that HE knew us in the womb and He has our days numbered.. For me, this is extremely comforting.. KNOWING HIM, rejoicing in the fact that his thoughts about me are more numerous than the grains of sand, and TRUSTING his sovereignity, continue to keep me 'Going, growing, and glowing!' To God Alone Be the Glory!
ONE MORE NOTE-- Our third child was the 'tie-breaker' since we already had our boy and girl, but the important fact here is she almost was a 'wasn't!' Contraception attempts failed and other choices were made which opened the door for her birth... Her husband and children are very glad, as we are also! She's had 3 possibly deadly events in her life, but the LORD certainly has her days numbered as she lives her life in communion with Him.. YES LORD! Her 'Life verse' is Philippians 1:6- For me to live is Christ.. To die is to gain!'  HE doesn't want her to be 'home' with Him quite yet! YES LORD!