Monday, July 4, 2011


Whenever it's tempting to wonder if the Lord REALLY knows what HE'S doing... Stop, and remember this brief message!  Seven decades ago, my in-laws began having children... The first was a boy, as was the second.. I'm assuming that they couldn't help but hope for a girl the third time, but they were presented with their third son! Not only that, but the fourth was also a son...  I don't know about them, but I am very glad their third was a boy because he has been my best friend, husband, and lover for nearly 38 years now! If he'd been a girl....  Oh well... Would I have a delightful husband??? Only God knows..
Most recently, we have welcomed a refreshing lady into our lives... She is the only daughter in a family of seven children... You got it! She was the last to be born!  Six boys before her folks 'finally' got a daughter.  I personally, am very glad they allowed themselves to continue to produce children because I am thrilled to meet their daughter.....  ONLY OUR LORD knows who needs to be born when and how their presence on Earth will impact SO MANY OTHERS.. (In this case.. This gal is able to impact others to the GLORY OF GOD!)
PSALM 139:13-16  has some 'priceless' verses which remind us that HE knew us in the womb and He has our days numbered.. For me, this is extremely comforting.. KNOWING HIM, rejoicing in the fact that his thoughts about me are more numerous than the grains of sand, and TRUSTING his sovereignity, continue to keep me 'Going, growing, and glowing!' To God Alone Be the Glory!
ONE MORE NOTE-- Our third child was the 'tie-breaker' since we already had our boy and girl, but the important fact here is she almost was a 'wasn't!' Contraception attempts failed and other choices were made which opened the door for her birth... Her husband and children are very glad, as we are also! She's had 3 possibly deadly events in her life, but the LORD certainly has her days numbered as she lives her life in communion with Him.. YES LORD! Her 'Life verse' is Philippians 1:6- For me to live is Christ.. To die is to gain!'  HE doesn't want her to be 'home' with Him quite yet! YES LORD!

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  1. I am not sure where in the order of your children Abraham lies but we are blessed that he is!!