Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Just the mention of a family reunion can conjure up all sorts of images...  Fried chicken and potato salad? Fun and games? Custom-made tee-shirts with family names on them? And, how about  the inevitable, 'strained'conversations?   Yours?                                                                        Today, I am writing to provide a contrast to the genetically-based family reunion.. I'd like to share the joys of being in the LORD'S family forever,.. beginning while still on Earth!   On a recent ferry ride, my husband and I were approached by some Christian friends we'd not seen for several years.. It was great to spend some unexpected moments quickly 'filling-in-the blanks' in each other's past 5 years or so. As we did, another reunion was immanent for we didn't know another church friend had just returned from Africa and was about to tap on my husband's shoulder! Needless to say, all 5 of us wished the ferry wasn't about to dock.. We'd have liked much more time to share the goodness of our LORD with each other.. I was struck by  how blessed we are, and just how wonderful it is to be 'one' so instantly with those who are HIS..    Looking at earlier this month, I wrote about the Korean and Russian Christians who were delightful to unite in song with while we were up on 'our' Deception/'Reception' Pass camping time. To those who read this, may you be ever blessed, and be ever a blessing to those you are led to 'connect' with.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified as we enjoy our brothers and sisters from everywhere... anytime, anywhere!

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