Sunday, June 12, 2011


“ by”

Sheila Dean

Lord, I’ve often heard it said that those who love you are

surprised by your way- It’s no wonder it seems that way, as we rely upon You

day by day!

Recently though, it has come to me,

that you want us to be as delighted as we can be!

You speak to us saying,

“Dear ones, there’s no end to my displaying

of peace, hope, and joy directed towards you!

Observe and receive all that I so willingly do—

I don’t desire to surprise you,

For you know my sole sufficiency in all I am

and have for you!

However, I do delight in causing you to rejoice

as I enlighten your way of my choice-

It’s my pleasure to care for you in every

detail of your daily living.

There’s no end to my resources issued forth

as I exercise divine giving!

Abundant grace is meant to delight you!

SO, go ahead and be tickled!—

Even giggle a little-(or a lot!)

For, as you do, it’s a gift to me to see

you’re rejoicing in whose you’re not!”

Lord, I thank you deeply for the privilege of

casting my cares upon You-

For, You do delight me as I realize all You do!

Dear Readers- This was an experiment to see if I could cut and paste one of my (His!) poems onto a blog.. I think it's working... 
The title of this post is meant to be          "DeLIGHTed"!

I will simply say at this point that most of us may have heard the 'punny' phrase associated with JOHN 15 which is about the vine and the branches.. 'I am 'divine,'  and you are 'de branches!'  Well, my thought today is that sinceHE is also the LIGHT of the world, we are to be truly 'deLIGHTed' ones!  I have much more to say about all of this, but I will leave you for now... Please, do let the LORD delight you continually as you trust him in all matters of your earthbound life!    Because HE loves us, Sheila

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