Tuesday, October 18, 2011

These T.R.Y.ing Times

Years ago, my mom taught me to Trust, Relinquish, and Yield.  Of course, she was referring to trusting only in the Lord as well as yielding to his wondrous all-suffiency in all matters.. Then, as we do these, we can more readily relinquish any/all desires to insist upon 'our' way instead of his! Basically, this is what I wrote about in my most recent post, but it is a re-packaging of it. I am quite aware of how so many of us seem to only be 'comfortable?' when we are yielding to what we think we want.... UGH! Notice, I said, 'us,' since I want to make certain you all know I struggle with not wanting to relinquish my inclusion of too much food going into my body. I know true JOY when I do relinquish, thus I would love to know that many of you 'out there' are also experiencing the relief and joy of yielding your will to his... I think of the when Paul (I think it was him) stated his need for 'More of YOU, less of me.' I don't know the location of this in scripture since my limited concordance didn't include it, but, it all boils down to... Who are we trusting to know what's best for us- to meet our every need?
There are more 'global' matters at hand in our lives as Americans currently so I am very glad I can, and do, know I can sing, 'I am not afraid,.. I will trust in YOU, my Father,' as a song I was just listening to says so well. I urge you all to take a look at any areas you might be forfeiting the PEACE of GOD due to clinging to 'how you think things should/could be.' Let's all loosen our grips on what we think we want or 'need,' so we can experience much more of that true PEACE, HOPE,  and JOY He intends for/through us....  May the trying times in, and aspects of, our lives be transformed into times of truly Trusting, Relinquishing our wills, and Yielding to all He knows is best so we may live more fully to his GLORY as another result.   Because His Love is Perfect and is focused on us, Sheila

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