Saturday, October 29, 2011


Warm greetings to all who read this... The title pretty much says it all... OF COURSE, I realize that some of you gather for worship on SATURDAY, which I fully understand... So, the puns don't 'work' for you, but the gist of this message still applies to us all... We get to choose how to spend each day of  'our' week so most of you who read this DO choose to set aside one for worship, fellowship and other God-centered activities.   The reason I am writing this is because I WAS DELIGHTED when I finally thought of the use of SON'SDAY for a pun on SUNDAY! Also, in an earlier message, I'd mentioned SINDAY, which of course, is how a vast majority of humanity is content to designate it. (whether it's by 'busyness' around the house, yard, etc... or with sports, etc..) OH! I do realize that many Christians have jobs which require 24/7 staffing so I have worked a paying job on Sundays in the past.. This message is not about being 'legalistic,' but is meant to encourage each of us to set aside at least ONE day per week to worship our Lord, fellowship, minister, and rest.. (even if this means doing so alone or with a spouse, etc. due to a job or unavoidable committment..)
The 'particulars' of how we spend this day vary greatly and I am certain our Lord will direct each of us according to his pleasing will..   Basically, we can be grateful HE provided us with a precedent by resting on the 7th day! Enjoying our Lord, thus blessing HIM, is something many of us forget to let ourselves do! So, dear readers, make it a point to have at least one SON'S DAY  each week, NO MATTER the name of the day on the calendar!                         P.S.- I don't mean to say we can only enjoy the Lord one day a week! Actually, each day can be a SON'S DAY, thus making it a truly SONny day!

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