Saturday, October 1, 2011


While  anticipating experiencing a presentation of Beethoven's Eroica Symphony recently, I was struck by the thought of the volume of sheets of paper with marks on them which  represented each instrumentalist's individual responsibility to translate them into music to our ears. I am imagining the stack brought forth from the Seattle Symphony's library to have  been much more than a foot thick! Once I wandered from that realization, I began to think about how those sheets were simply useless to most of us! Why?? We don't have the orientation, training, or skill to interpret and translate those marks of ink into musical notes on the various instruments... I was also led to consider just what went into producing each kind of instument; trees growing, metals in mines, reeds growing, 'cat gut' being produced wherever it grows, horse tails being readied for bows, and SO MUCH MORE! Also-- What about the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to actually put these materials into the proper form for service for actual musically productive use? Catch my drift?
Since I am spiritually minded, I delighted in applying this line of thinking to our Creator's relationship to us! We're often reminded how we're all parts of one body.... meant to compliment each other as we live with His life within us...  But, I was thrilled to consider myself to be just one component of HIS SYMPHONY. I won't even begin to speculate regarding just what 'part' I am..(as in, 'ink notes on paper,' 'metal for a brass instrument,' etc.) , any more than I try to figure out if I am a 'fingernail,' ' big toe,' or possibly a major blood vessel in the body of Christ!
I'll close by simply rejoicing in this: I live each day in and with the desire to bring glory to our Lord! That symphony we heard brought glory to Beethoven and joy to us as we were blessed by its 'beauty.' But, isn't living to the glory of our LORD much more meaningful? HE is the master of all enduring enjoyment! Being part of his expression of Himself to those on Earth is certainly 'music to my ears!'  Let's join with the heavens as we declare God's Glory!

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