Friday, September 2, 2011


Recently I've found myself saying or thinking, "Oh, my goodness... Oh, my goodness!" somewhat frequently. This caused me to recall the scene in ANNIE when she is first in the home of Daddy Warbucks. In her total AMAZEMENT, all she can manage to say is that which I've been saying more often nowadays.. For, you see, I am thrilled by all our Lord continues to pour out upon me.. There never seems to be a period of more than maybe 3 hours when HE hasn't somehow delighted me by some sort of evidence of his merciful, gracious, humorous, or other endearing ways HE has.. I love to see HIM at work and HE loves to delight me. As I think back on the ultimately AMAZING events in the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea, and of course, the EMPTY TOMB, I am glad to know I experience the 'wonder' of my Lord in ways that are just as significant! My thought for each of you today is... Are you asking Him to make you aware of the many awe-inspiring ways He displays Himself to you? Ask Him to increase your sense of wonder every moment of each day.. One of the results can be your growing committment to delighting HIM! (pleasing Him by the choices you make and so many more ways..)  What scriptures can you think of regarding the wonder of HIM? Have fun as you notice more of his special ways of delighting and amazing you! HE LOVES US ALL SO MUCH!

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