Friday, March 11, 2011


LOST IN HIS LOVE? Today's title is finished by these capitalized lyrics found in BLESSED ASSURANCE. They have to be some of my absolute favorite words in the many hymns I know.... This is because each time I sing them (at least 3 times weekly as I lead hymns in various care facilities), I find myself being able to identify with the wonder of truly being 'lost' in his love... This does not mean I am 'lost and not findable!,' but means I'm awed as I wander freely and without cares in the depths of his wondrous love for me! So, when I get to sing these words, they are much more than simply 'words.'  
While I'm on this topic, I also love to sing, "fills my every longing- keeps me singing as I go.." These are found at the end of  HE KEEPS ME SINGING.  What a blessing it is to be able to truly say that HE does fill my every longing...HE KNOWS all I need and He's always a step ahead of me as HE meeets fills those needs and longings..
Finally, for now,- The lyrics, "Hast thou not seen how all thy desires have been granted in what He ordaineth?" almost always come to mind when I sing the above lyrics.. I don't 'get' to sing this song, PRAISE TO THE LORD THE ALMIGHTY as often since it's not in my group songbook, but I've internalized its message...  What a fantastic truth! Do you have any favorite songs? (or parts thereof?)

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  1. Sheila, I love many of the old hymns. Deep truths. Thanks for these thoughts. -Cindy