Friday, March 9, 2012


As most of you readers of this blog know, I only write when "I just can't NOT write!" WELL, this morning, HE has a BIG message for any/all of us! You see, I listen to a morning devotion program of songs and features on KCIS (AM630in the greater Seattle area).. Today is Friday, so all songs played are hymns. IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL was on, then, when I switched to my media player list I play during commercials and other non-music moments over the air, the song I heard playing was a beautiful rendition of ...IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! I DO believe my sweet, devoted, delightful, merciful, gracious Heavenly Father is intent upon reinforcing my trust in HIM alone! At this time, there are no 'big,' disturbances in my life as such, but HE does know that I've been somewhat agitated due to some deep concerns I have for others at this point. OUR LORD is simply reminding me how it CAN be WELL WITH MY SOUL..(mind, emotions, and will), if I T.R.Y. (Trust, Relinquish, and Yield). I am entitled to that PEACE that passes all understanding which comes from His guarding of my heart and mind in HIM. This message is for ALL of us, of course.. One final, neat thing to share is when I called my radio station to request THE LOVE OF GOD, by Damaris Carbaugh to be played, the host said it 'is coming right up!' The LORD knew what I would request and had already caused Mark Holland to include it in the line-up!  Talk about personal attention from the LORD!!! HOOOORAAAY!  May each and every one of you ENJOY our LORD this day and all others! As you do, ask HIM how you can best GLORIFY HIM also!

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