Friday, June 25, 2010

In Love with the Lord

This is my very first attempt at this, thanks to a new-found friend! Thank you, R.H.! There is a current contemporary Christian song which captures well the essence of truly being a Christian... The lyrics refer to the lives of those who are experiencing what the Lord intends for us as being lived 'in love with the Lord.' AMEN to this, I say! I will be posting the FAMILY DEVOTIONALS I have been writing for over 2.5 years on this blog from now on.. I believe I am writing #169 tomorrow.. I will be entitled, ON TOP OF .....??? I have fun with the titles of these... The messages are meant to encourage, and enhance the reader's peace, hope, and joy they have tasted of, or downright been immersed in, as they have been getting to know the Lord also. Blessed wishes to all who read this! PEACEHOPEANDJOYR4U2!

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