Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where'd THAT Come From?

Recently, I've been trying to concentrate on, "My God shall supply all my (your) needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19) I need to be more grateful for the fact that HE truly does so, then respond by wholeheartedly obeying his desires and intentions for me to not always insist on having MORE than I need!! (too many 'carbs,' etc.)  WELL, this past Saturday, a new friend and I had a curiously inspiring event happen!!! It would seem we were GIVEN more than we 'needed!'... We'd both consumed the healthy roll we'd each purchased, then proceeded to talk for 2 hours or so.. When it was time to leave, we noticed another small bag with a 3rd roll in it on our table! The really 'mystifying' fact is I KNOW FOR CERTAIN there had only been 2 rolls in the display case when we'd purchased them!! We mused over it, then finally agreed it had to have been put there by none other than GOD! We believe HE was simply manifesting Himself as indication of the pleasure HE'D received during the conversation during which I'd had the thrill of introducing her to the layout of the Bible... and, SO MUCH MORE! (BTW, we divided the roll 'for the road!') Remember.. OUR LORD loves to delight us, whether tangibly, or internally... May we all live in the WONDER of HIM moment-by-moment!!

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