Saturday, May 10, 2014


In ABUNDAWONDERFUL, I shared plenty about the ABUNDANT aspect of being the LORD's but, I can hardly believe I 'SPACED' 'writing about the WONDERFUL part of that composite adjective! This is because the Lord's personal 'theme' He's been sharing with me this year is, THE WONDER OF HIM!!  I am surrounded by a collection of papers I've recorded/highlighted evidences of the  'WOW'  factor.. So, here are just a couple?, for the sake of brevity.
The first is a new song to me.. CREATION SINGS THE FATHER'S SONG by The Keith and Kristin Getty. I learned this at a recent retreat and was truly 'sold' on the lyrics of especially the 2nd verse.. "Creation gazed upon His face; The ageless One in time's embrace unveiled the Father's plan of reconciling God and man. A second Adam walked the Earth, whose blameless life  would break the curse.. whose death would set us FREE to live with Him eternally." These lyrics, coupled with I PETER 2:24,He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds we were healed," have deeply impacted, and caused me to say 'Wow!' currently!

The other 'WOW'(for now!),is how my Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader 'wrapped up' a recent lecture pertaining to Christ's last days on Earth.. She simply said something to the effect of, "May you be caught, or kept, in SPEECHLESS WONDER as you are in AWE of your salvation because of His completed work." Her use of 'speechless wonder,' elicited a response of great thrill from within me!! Needless to say, many of us do live in AWE of who He is, and what He does.. and SO MUCH MORE!! We are TRULY BLESSED TO BE HIS! Well, that's all for now, dear readers!! Because He Loves us So Much! Sheila     Oh, an F.Y.I.- Our son's initials are A.W.D. on purpose because we truly wanted him, as well as us, to be AWeD by our LORD!                          

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