Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Welcome to any new readers coming 'on board' as a result of our cruise to Europe recently! After 'sampling' Ireland, France, and Belgium, we landed in England where John and I stayed for 5 nights. On our first full day in LONDON, the first 'tourist attraction,' we noticed was WESTMINISTER CATHEDRAL ..NOT far from the very populated VICTORIA UNDERGROUND and TRAIN STATION! Over the entry doors, this Cathedral, (NOT WESTMINISTER ABBEY), has a Latin phrase which we partially translated then, and I finished today with the help of this computer..Domine Jesu Rex et redemptor per sanguinem tuum salva nos translates to,  O Lord, do Thou save us through the blood of Jesus, the King and Redeemer.  Just think of the millions of eyes passing by there yearly, yet not really 'seeing'  or perceiving what rich truth this conveys..!  
Now, as a STARK CONTRAST, while we were still in LONDON last week, a 70 YEARS OLD, UNEXPLODED GERMAN BOMB was discovered buried near Wembley Stadium where multitudes are due to assemble very soon!  Of course, this demanded immediate evacuation and other measures to assure safety.. Do we treat  Satan's  potentially, and intentionally, harmful threats with such attention? Remember, He is the deceiver, delightfully rejoicing as his work is almost always  OPEN OUR EYES and truly process all we 'take in.'  'GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!' to use a phrase from the beloved  A? CHRISTMAS CAROL, by Charles Dickens!  

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