Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to pray over/for a lady whose body was just about finished living here on Earth.. This gal had no family present and had seemed to be very bitter during the time I was aware of her. You just 'gotta wonder' if she knew her days were coming to an end... (Her mind has been gone for over 3 years now.) I am sitting here wondering if I would change anything if I knew for certain that I'd 'pass on' within the next 48 hours or so... What about you? I am at peace with the LORD so I guess I'd just try to let others know I would be seeing them 'later' in the presence of Jesus! Other than that, I might take care of a little housework or call a few people I've not contacted recently.. And, of course, I'd spend a lot of time in my hubby's arms! Blessings for now!

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