Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are We Believin' We'll Be Leavin'?

Hello, and blessings to all who may read this- This past few weeks has been sending myself and others around me one key question-- ARE WE living as if we are believing we could be leaving this planet Earth at any moment? It is so nice to be able to say I am assured that if I do, I KNOW for certain I'll be truly 'home' in the presence of my blessed CREATOR... After all- He created me to live in fellowship and communion with HIM.. YES! Direct, personal, intimate friendship with the LORD is what I already know while 'down here,' but I am fascinated by the prospect of JOY beyond measure when it's time for me to 'be leavin!' Hey! I just realized my assurance of this is because I AM believin! I don't believe based on feelings or wishes, but based on the facts of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If any of you readers doesn't know the ONE of whom I speak, use your phone to call 1-888-NEED HIM... A 'real' person is there to speak of my LORD to you.. Blessed wishes! Sheila

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