Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My husband and I were talking about the huge rally recently held by a certain, well-known, conservative, talk-show host in Washington D.C... While we spoke, today's title came to mind.. (At least the 'GOTTA WONDER!' part).. because the song, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus," came on the radio. It made me wonder just how many people who think they are Christians, would be willing and able to sing, "I have decided to follow Jesus- I have decided to follow Jesus- I have decided to follow Jesus-- No turning back- NO TURNING BACK." Unfortunately, many today are enticed into believing that simply 'following rules and/or doing the things I'm expected to do religiously,' makes one a Christian. This is a cause for great concern since millions of sincere, God-fearing individuals are being robbed of what the LORD truly intends for them.They don't even realize they are clinging to worthless idols parading as the 'right religious thing to do.'- Thus, they forfeit the grace that could be theirs as JONAH 2:8 says.
Blessedly though, millions have accepted the truth that through the sacrifice of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, we can be, and are intended to be, living in an exhilerating, personal relationship to the LORD. We are the ones who have recognized the 'Prince of this world,' as a master of deception, who manages to disguise his 'versions' (the 'You need to do this, or that-- and, read books other than the Bible, etc. sort of 'Christianity') of being a 'Christian' as acceptable.(ARG!) Therefore- My question for each of you today is, "ARE you willing and able to truly sing, 'I HAVE DE
CIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS,' as opposed to doing WHAT other religious leaders or groups may impose upon you as they offer the hope you'll have been 'good enough,' or have 'done enough,' to live forever in God's goodness and presence (or become a god yourself.. UGH!)
When one does decide to focus on, and commit to, following JESUS only, the discovery and revelation of the GOD OF WONDERS will delight and endear them forever! I speak from experience!! You can too!

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