Friday, September 3, 2010


IN my last post, I mentioned the song, "I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS." The lyrics continue by saying, 'No turning back, no turning back.' I can attach myself to these fairly easily because, since I met the Lord personally in 1968, I have not found myself 'turning my back' on HIM because HE has endeared himself to me through his faithfulness, mercy, grace, majesty, and SO MUCH MORE... I am NOT 'perfect' by any means so I am sure there are moments when I do turn away from the POWER He wants to provide me with to refuse temptation's call, etc.. But, overall, I can honestly say that I've not gone through any 'dry spells' or times of turning away from my growing relationship to my LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Recently, my husband and I joined nearly 200 others as we listened to teaching from the life of JONAH.... I was amused when I realized it was really him who needed to turn away from his own sinfulness even more than that of the Ninevites.. Not only did he blatantly refuse God's call/assignment for him, but he also complained when the Lord showed compassion on the 'originally doomed ones!' It makes me wonder just whose turn it was to turn!!! The Ninevites certainly didn't hesitate to listen to the news from God, so they 'turned' effectively, but I'm not sure about JONAH.. The story closes with him rationalizing his reasons for not going to Ninevah in the first place and with him griping about God's choice to withdraw (withhold?) the blessing of a shade tree from him... What DO you think? What about you and the LORD? Are you letting yourself grow deeper in love with our HIM? HOPE SO! If not, call 1-888-NEED HIM

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