Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today's title came to me recently while considering just how easily we seem to be 'duped' into tolerating increasing, imposing, sinful attitudes and actions. I am speaking of this on a very GRAND scale from within our own individual self to nationally and even all across humanity. The Bible states in Jeremiah 17:9- "The heart is deceitful and beyond cure." Then later in Jeremiah 35:15, it tells us we must each turn from our wicked ways and reform our actions." This sounds quite strong to any of you who might not be in a personal, loving, LORDSHIP relationship to HIM, but, IT is the truth... Unfortunately, most all of humanity is 'content?' to simply become accustomed to life as it is sinfested with much that deprives them of God's intended best. Currently, I am watching as marriages of 20 and 30 years are 'on the rocks.' I am also very aware of just how easily our living conditions can become all too cluttered with undesirable 'stuff.' How does this happen? What is causing the relationships to collapse or the accumulation of the 'stuff' of life to become intolerable? Frankly, it is our refusal to acknowledge how easily we become infested with something we are blissfully 'unaware' of .. Sin's nature is to 'wish away' possible problems.. (Just like us homeowners when we begin to suspect unwanted 'critters' in/near our home, etc.. Or, like those who ignore physical issues which really need to be addressed, etc..) Dear readers- I urge you all to look around and within (a conscious act of your will) as you invest some time guarding against SINFESTATION.... Gotta go for now-- Blessings to all!

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