Saturday, May 5, 2012


This week has been a bit modified from my 'usual routine and visiting schedule' for being with those the Lord is entrusting me with. (mainly 'senior' citizens living in different kinds of care facilities). This is due to the unexpected hospitalization of my 'nearest and dearest' lady who considers me as her 'daughter.' I have been delighted to spend time reading to,   and  just being with her as she and I await medical decisions.                                                                                                                                            The other evening, after a wonderfully fulfilling day of leading hymns one place, then hanging out with her for a couple of hours, I returned home to yet one more delight! But wait! I forgot to tell you about the first 'exclamation point' to that day! It came as I was ready to depart her room.. I asked if she had a special song she'd like me to sing for/to her. HOW GREAT THOU ART was her answer, so I began singing acapella with a full, but not too loud, voice since her door was open. Within 2-3 seconds, I noticed a staff member stopped by the door, smiling broadly, indicating that was her favorite song.. So, as I kept singing, I motioned her into the room to join with me.. She entered and DID join in! Talk about a very special way to end that visit with my dear Alma Mae...praising our Lord with a 'total stranger?'! Upon my arrival at home (9:15PMish), I was blessed to find another wonderful 'exclamation point' had come in the mail! It is truly special since it's a 'first of its kind,' coming from a very treasured person!
The very next day (yesterday), our LORD had one more reason for me to exclaim how wonderful it is to be his child... A long-term desire I've had, but have had to relinquish to his desires, seems about to be fulfilled. This possibility is coming as a result of my last 2 hospital visits.. More details to come as this unfolds in 'my' life lived because of his LIFE within!  (I say this humbly- fully aware of how often I can/do squelch the power of the HOLY SPIRIT through my own willfulness... Yet, HE still loves me! - never gives up as He pours out compassionate grace and mercy upon me...How can I NOT love HIM in return?)   PS- Sorry I can't figure out how to make this all appear the way I want it to on the 'page.' UGH! Gotta go for now! Blessings to all who read this!

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