Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just a Few Thoughts..

 I have "just a few" thoughts on my mind today that are aching to 'get out!'  The first one is about the fact of often hearing the work 'risk' attached to matters of faith!? I am totally confused by this... How CAN it be 'risky' to know, and trust in God's promises, principles, and character in/for/through our lives? I don't have much to say except I'd like for all of you to realize we do NOT live lives of  'risk,' when we allow the Lord to walk with, support, and nourish us daily!  Just as an 'aside,'..It's sort of funny as I consider that word, RISK, because I picture a game board with a map of the world and a whole bunch of brightly colored, small cubes spread across it in strategic positions.. ( I NEVER was very good at that game!)
Three other 'terms' which bother me are: 'Successful' Christian living; the term 'proud' of you; and, I 'disagree' with certain hot topics in our nation's social/political/spiritual climate.  I will do posts about each of these during my available time this summer... Until then, consider living your life with Christ within to be one of SIGNIFICANCE, as opposed to 'successful,' which implies a potential for that ugly word, 'Failure!' Also think of how you felt when your folks said, 'I am proud of you..'' Didn't you sometimes feel the pressure to uphold their reputation through you? Our daughter pointed this our to us in 1993. As a result, I try to always say, "I'm pleased or tickled by you/your...."   Finally, for now, examine your souls for how you really think about those who are not of our 'persuasions' which come from our LORD'S transforming, and delivering presence within us. Do we really 'disagree' with them, or... do we really, truly ACHE due to how their distorted 'persuasions' deter them from life the way our Lord intends for them to know it.. HE is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE LIFE! They, dear readers, are truly missing out on LIFE Himself!

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