Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello to all 'out there' in cyber-space... I am back from a fabulous 10 nights/days of camping up at 'our' beloved Deception/Reception Pass. I leave again for 11 nights very soon.. So, ..What's on my mind today? Well, it is, CHRISTLESS LIVING =CRISIS LIVING. I just watched a youtube video some folks at our church made after being in UGANDA  this summer. When I finished watching, I truly COULDN'T SEE STRAIGHT due to the river of tears flowing. (I don't often bawl!)  Before I viewed this, I'd also become aware of  a tragedy which 'struck home' with a dear lady in my life.. A lady she's known for decades was burned out of  her house and her home of nearly 50 years, by her  own son when he locked himself in the house and set it on fire. Talk about Christless = Crisis.. My heart aches deeply because it seems like 'someone, somewhere' could/should? have seen this fellow's desparation before he acted. Of course, we all know how JESUS IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD TODAY.. Above Him there is NO other.. JESUS IS THE WAY... I sit here wondering if I miss cues from those around me at times.. Am I alert to the pain of another? If so, am I willing to stop and make myself (our LORD JESUS CHRIST through me) available and shown to this needy one?   Let's go back to the UGANDA video... WHOA! (Of course, we are willing and able to send monthly donations to more than one relief work 'over there in Africa..' but, should we be doing more?)  I was amazed at how deeply impacted I was as I viewed the video.. Here is the link if you have 15 extra  minutes and Kleenex nearby! Blessings to all for now... Sheila   PS- Be 'watching for' a post which I intend to entitle, 'RABBIT TRAILS," or something to thAT effect..

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. It really touched my heart. My heart breaks for these children. It is so easy to loose touch with what is going on around the world as we live our daily lives. I am learning how important it is to give and try to help others not just here in our country but others. Thank you!