Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello to you 'out there in cyber-space!' This message is sort of meant to be a 'fun' one..  I have a practice I do whenever we are at a beach.. I love to do 'beach-writing,' as a ministry! Some messages are short.. others are not!  One of the 'best' I have ever done was at our beloved DECEPTION PASS on the north end of Whidbey Island this past August.. I simply wrote,  'JESUS INVITES YOU TO BE LOVED BY HIM.. R.S.V.P.'  Hopefully, the one individual our Lord intended this message for saw it, and gave it some serious consideration... (Maybe there were more people HE was going to lead to read and respond to HIM!) Only our LORD knows, but for me,it  is very fulfilling to know how 'someone out there somewhere,' just might have accepted that invitation by now!  My message to us is.. Do we invite HIM daily..even moment-by-moment, to LOVE us with all He wants us to receive? He wants to carry us through the seemingly impossible circumstances in life, as well as sustain me with the peace, hope and joy He loves to pour out! His children simply need to TURN THEIR EYES UPON JESUS... LOOKING FULL IN HIS WONDERFUL the things of Earth can grow strangely dim, in the LIGHT of His GLORY  and GRACE! May each of you who read this be blessed as you accept his invitation to be LOVED BY HIM.. our LORD JESUS CHRIST! 

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