Thursday, September 6, 2012


This past Sunday, I was engaged in another meaningful conversation I'd also like to share with you. This one found the gal and I both realizing, and testifying to, how we KNOW we are CARRIED by our LORD, and how we are DELIGHTED as we receive his care. Whether it's a troubling time, or simply the 'daily doings of life,' He is always there to sustain and empower us! It is truly delightful to relax in his gracious, caring arms so we don't find ourselves bogged down with pending 'doom and gloom.'  Remember the poem FOOTPRINTS as it ends with "It was then I carried you!" (when there was only one set of footprints in the sand!)-It's actually OK to be carried at all times, as I stated above.. We are meant to function in the power of the Holy Spirit, not in our own which often fails us.
I'd also like to share how HE loves to pour out blessing upon blessing. (John 1:16 confirms it!) This truly DELIGHTS me! Recently, I was thrilled as my Lord just 'kept on giving to me' as I approached the end of a wonderful summer and headed back into my school setting where I work. An accessible, giant mass of ripe blackberries was discovered by me.. A gift certificate to an expensive restaurant was won by me, and a wonderful ride on the back of my son's motorcycle was had by me! These are just the three BIGGEST ones I recall at this moment... At any rate.. Take time to be aware of, and DELIGHTED by, the ways our LORD is loving you this day... Afterall, Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant you the desires of your heart." My soul/heart desires to bring glory to our Lord as I am carried and delighted by him!


                                                                                                      “ by”
                                            Sheila Dean
         A heaviness comes upon me at times,
            causing feelings of being “down and out.”
         When this happens, I find myself wanting to shout,
                                       “Not now, not again--!”
         Blessedly, I have learned to “listen up” as You begin,

                 “Dear one, you may “feel” down, but,
                                       I’m here to lift you up!
                   Not only that, I will fill your cup!
                           I’d noticed it was nearly empty
                                So I’m pouring in me!
                   I’m giving my breath of LIFE to fill to the brim.
                          This way, when you’re ‘bumped,’ others will say,
                                          “She lives for Him!” 
                            It’s a joy to provide Spirit-driven power,
                       as you function throughout your challenging hour. 
               Since my arms are strong, let me carry you along.
                  I’ll hold you closely, as your soul erupts in song!
                  You’ll no longer yield to that heaviness
                           experienced in moments of weakness.
               Discouragement vanishes as I replace despair with
                                           my strength,
                     delightfully carrying you the full length!”                   


                                                                                           Sheila Dean

     Lord, I’ve often heard it said that those who love you are
                               surprised by your way-                               It’s no wonder it seems that way, as we rely upon You
                                                                    day by day!
    Recently though, it has come to me,
                     that you want us to be delighted as we can be!
            You speak to us saying,
               “Dear ones, there’s no end to my displaying
                of peace, hope, and joy directed towards you!
                Observe and receive all that I so willingly do—
                 I don’t desire to surprise you,        
                 For you know my sole sufficiency in all I am
                                                   and have for you!
                 However, I do delight in causing you to rejoice
                            as I enlighten your way of my choice-
                 It’s my pleasure to care for you in every
                                        detail of your daily living.
                 There’s no end to my resources issued forth
                                        as I exercise divine giving!
                              Abundant grace is meant to delight you!
                                   SO, go ahead and be tickled!—
                                      Even giggle a little-(or a lot!)
                 For, as you do, it’s a gift to me to see
                                   you’re rejoicing in whose you’re not!”  

               Lord, I thank you deeply for the privilege of
                                                  casting my cares upon You-
                For, You do delight  me as I realize all You do!    


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