Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 D

It seems as though one must pay the extra $$$ in order to view many movies today through 3-D  lenses.. I don't know about you, but I'd rather just see the movie in 2-D to save the $3 or so.. but, I know my eyes would rebel! Oh well.. Thankfully, most of the 3-D ones are not ones I want to see anyhow.. So, what's on my mind with today's title???             While praying aloud today for a lady who has spent all of her adult years in what we consider to be a major cult..(not that any cult is 'minor,' mind you.. ).. I prayed against  the DECEPTION, DEPRIVATION, and DESTITUTION of her soul... Those 3 words just 'tumbled' out of my mouth without me thinking of them... What an appropriate set of 3 "D" words for how the enemy wants us to live our lives.. DECEIVED into thinking anything other than the facts of; the HOLY TRINITY, salvation by GRACE- not by any sort of 'works' or accrued 'points,' and man's desperate state apart from the redeeming blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST shed on the cross. DEPRIVED of all the LORD intends for us if/when we look only to HIM in all of his goodness, compassion, mercy, grace, and, SO MUCH  MORE!  andDESTITUTE, if we let our pride block our acknowledgement of need to humble ourselves in order to  receive the forgiveness which restores us to the wonder of living in a personal relationship with our LORD.
In direct contrast to these 3 "D's,"  I am one who is  DELIVERED, DILIGENT,  and DELIGHTED.. at least most of the time! My LORD JESUS has set me free from man's ideas of how I should live in bondage to lust, fear, low self-esteem, and more! I am more and more diligent each day/week/month/year to ask myself if the choices I am making are PLEASING to my LORD. Finally, there is NO question about the FACT of my delight as a daughter of the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! 
May each of you pause to consider just which 3-D 'movie,' you are being cast in currently.. I pray it is the second one.. Bright, bold, and beautiful, as is the blue print contrasted with the alarming red used for the first one!! Take care, and be blessed, as well as, a blessing!!

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