Thursday, November 29, 2012

HE Calls Me His FRIEND!

Yesterday morning, I told my husband about the way this truth has fascinated me this year in particular... Now, let's see... I have been growing in the LORD for over 44 years so I'm sure I've been aware of the fact of Jesus having said this to his disciples... Wow!  It amazes me to see how our Heavenly Father has such a personalized plan for each of us as we 'Go, Grow, and Glow' in Him more each day,week, and year!
Luke 12:4 is where HE says, "I tell  you my friends...." This is only one reference to the familiarity Jesus holds with us.  How wonderful is this? I love the hymn,  COME THOU ALMIGHTY KING since it begins by us addressing his KINGSHIP, but the last line of the last verse ends by calling HIM our FRIEND!!

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