Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes, a believer in, and receiver of, our LORD's wonderful, merciful, gracious love, is sent a resounding message from HIM! Today, I am joyfully proclaiming, "O.K. LORD, I 'get it!  Message received!"  A few months ago, I was musing on the term, 'beautiful' Savior.  (Somehow, it just didn't seem 'masculine enough' to consider HIM to be' beautiful!'.. although, I know He truly is, especially when I consider the completed 'work' He did and ALL THAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED AND MADE POSSIBLE AS A RESULT!) At any rate, YESTERDAY, our Lord Jesus began sending a confirmation of his beauty to me when one of the residents where I'd led a HYMNSPIRATION, told me I am beautiful.. I was blessed by this even as I deferred her indication directly to our Lord, by saying something like, "Well, thank you.. I trust you are seeing that JESUS in/through me.."   THEN, this morning, as I listened to the music on  MORNING DEVOTIONS on my radio station , I was tickled to hear 2 consecutive songs declaring HIS BEAUTY! (and to think, 'BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR' wasn't even one of them!) I am no longer musing on using (Oh no!.. the dormant poet in me is emerging!) the term 'BEAUTIFUL' for my SAVIOR! Join me in considering all we know of his beauty, letting Him become more and more evident to, and through, you from this day forward to the Glory of God alone!                         Or, SOLI DEO GLORIA, as I love to say! 

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