Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'JOB' (with a long 'O')DAY, not, WEDNESDAY!

"Twas the day before Thursday, when all through the camp, the campers and staff were awakening to a day of...." Well, Let's just say it wasn't THE BEST DAY EVER IN THE LIFE OF SHILOH . The campers last week were in the process of learning a MUSICAL DRAMA about JOB!! Basically, there were 5 occurrences which 'would have, could have, or certainly should have,' disgruntled those of us in love with the LORD! 1.A teenage young man broke his arm and sustained a slight concussion... 2.The other teen 'boys?' needed to be quarantined due to a bad virus which had struck in their midst..(so ANYWHERE they had been and all they had touched HAD TO be disinfected... WHEW!) 3. Sadly, a couple of gals needed to go home 3 days early... 4. Someone else somehow ran out of a crucial medicine.., and finally, 5. My hubby and I had the afternoon/evening 'off duty,' as cooks at the camp so we headed to the ocean, only to accidentally end up STUCK in the sand as we turned to head off the beach. Our car was not going ANYWHERE! (BTW.. an FYI..for any of you whoever drive on a beach..something we DON'T usually do!, I'll let you know now that AAA does not provide towing service in these circumstances!!!) Soon, we all began to realize how Satan had thrown us his best 'curve balls' that day, but, of course, he had met with defeat as we all just praised God for his goodness to us and his glory all around us! (In spite of no visible other vehicles on the beach, a large truck with a towing strap 'showed up' just as we'd learned of AAA's lack of support in our situation!..The couple in it were the LORD's! So, we had no time to 'despair,' because, of course GOD had been there all along, and knew just EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED, WHEN AND HOW!! Philippians 4:19 confirms how our Lord 'shall supply ALL our needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus! Because JOB remained humble, we all know how God restored his 'losses' at least two-fold! May we all remember to count our blessings even when those 'curve balls' are coming at us fast and furiously! (can you tell I like to watch baseball when I can?!)

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