Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I desire to convey to any/all of you ‘out there’ just how much it means to me to be one who has chosen to welcome THE LORD’S intentions for, and through me. As I spent hours this morning reading, and responding to a blog which shares a mother’s experiences as she watches her young daughter fighting against AML (leukemia of a really tough kind!) for her life, I realized there are some of you ‘out there’ who express gratitude for the times I do a  post. So, although I am not currently being carried in HIS  ARMS OF GRACE through any particular ‘threat’ to ‘my comfort zone,’ I can write as one who testifies to his wondrous ways of doing so since I have been graciously supported and sustained  through at least 2 major times of potential darkness. All I know is how GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS. I remember how a statement in a book about a very severely, and lengthily tortured believer in China contains a statement which still blesses me as it ‘blows me away!’ The suffering one relates how he wouldn’t trade all those times of torment for ‘better circumstances,’ etc.. The reason he gives is something like this.. “FOR, YOU SEE, IT WAS DURING THESE TIMES MY JESUS WAS NEAREST AND DEAREST TO ME!” The bottom line when it comes to suffering seems to be.. We will all face some of it so we get to decide how close to let Him be to, and through, us at these times..(I think of the time my family and I did a sand ‘sculpture?’ which showed the 2 sets of footsteps turning into only one.. The caption on the final picture/sculpture? said, “It was then I carried you!”)   My acquaintance with the AML-fighting daughter is really gifted of the LORD as she has continued to pour out her soul for over 19 months now via cyber-space! Today, I read how a medical student came across the blog while researching AML..( This student was moved to a renewal of her relationship to The LORD, which she’d believed to be lost forever!!! HOORAY! So, I just decided to return to the blog address HE’S given me to share the wonders of HIM through!! May each and every one of you rejoice greatly as you count your blessings and read some more posts I should be getting ‘out there’ to all of you…Because HE Loves Us! Sheila    BTW.. WELCOME, newer readers! Please let me know you are ‘out there!’

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