Friday, August 23, 2013

"Down and out" or, LIFTED UP?

Two images come to my mind immediately as I type 'LIFTED UP'... ISAIAH 40:31 is the beloved verse which inspires us as we consider being lifted up on the updrafts which eagles soar in/on.. They make no effort to fly and seem peaceful as they are there!! We all love those times in life when we KNOW we are one of 'them,' experiencing the goodness of our LORD as HE is supporting us in times of peace, warmth, contentment, and more!  The other image I have is the initial one behind this post.. The well-known FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND delights us as we read, 'IT WAS THEN I CARRIED YOU,' as Jesus' response to our query regarding the single set of footprints as opposed to the two sets seen at first..! Yesterday, I shared with some of those I was singing for and with, just how we all have this choice daily!! Will we insist on being 'down and out,' (discouraged, frustrated, resentful, or other feelings) over whatever is causing us duress, or, will we welcome HIS desire and ability to CARRY US.. LIFT US UP ... so we may be freed from the morass our enemy sets to 'trap' us in?! CURRENTLY, on contemporary Christian radio stations like spirit105.3 (website) and KLUV? stations, the #1 song is HELLO, MY NAME IS... by Matthew West.. I absolutely love how it declares, HELLO, MY NAME IS  'CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING'... No more 'name' of REGRET or DEFEAT, which the song starts with!! Today, will you delight in being LIFTED UP and CARRIED as a CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING who DELIGHTS in doing so for you?? Hope so! I sure need to remember to welcome his doing so many times a day as I face battles with my flesh.... UGH! But, PTL.. He never leaves me or forsakes me! (HEBREWS 13:5)

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