Saturday, November 23, 2013


 I am taking this moment to share a picture of sheer ecstasy I witnessed this past Friday during Kindergarten recess at my school... It was a particularly breezy day with strong? gusts! A bank of large aspen trees next to  the playground was giving up its final foliage in a grand manor! With each sustained 'gust,' those of us out there were delighted to see it SNOWING? the seemingly large yellowish 'flakes!' The level of JOY in the students, and us staff, was wonderful! One boy even said, 'THIS IS THE BEST RECESS EVER!'  My joy was enhanced by seeing their reactions as they tossed leaves at each other, and even tried to 'bury' a gal in them!!! This caused me to wonder how we might delight our LORD when/as we recognize all HE does to provide extra special moments of JOY-producers in our lives...  Since Friday, I have thanked HIM  over and over again for the richness of expressions on faces as we sing of his marvelous love, mercy, grace, and, SO MUCH MORE!! My heart is filled to overflowing, as "Out of the fullness of  his grace, He pours out blessing upon blessing!" (John 1:16)  May we all remember to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.. naming them one-by-one! (I hear a song!) 

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