Saturday, January 11, 2014


Recently, my BSF teaching leader asked us if we live in AWE and AMAZEMENT of our LORD and his ways... I was able to answer a heartfelt, YES! I am attaching AWED and AMAZED, as 'evidence' of such... He truly let me know several years ago that HE intends us to be ones who are definitely amazed and awed! Most all of us know that song that's been around for over 20 years... AWESOME GOD... 
This is the year THE WIZARD OF OZ movie is celebrating its 75th anniversary so this thought about being AWED by our Lord has been on  my mind a lot but I knew that AWE does not have a true plural! Then, today's  pun inclusive title came to mind!. WE can/do live in the 'land' of 'AWES' OMENo fake representations of a mighty being are needed as in the story/movie!                                   One song I love to lead is, MY SAVIOR'S LOVE because it begins with, 'I STAND AMAZED IN THE PRESENCE OF JESUS THE NAZARENE..!' I am also thinking of the contemporary I CAN ONLY IMAGINE...  Do you allow yourself time to not only count your blessings, but also your 'God winks' as HE touches you daily? Sure hope so! May we all be as those Luke gives account of in Luke 5:26  Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen remarkable things today."                               Warmly, Sheila     
         Sheila Dean

Sometimes I wonder just why we wonder-
It’s as if we’re under
   something that mutes your thunder.

This thunder is only your voice which informs-
                     to give us a choice!

Why don’t we receive
       all that you’d like us to believe
            as you speak forth in the most majestic ways?
“Dear one, I intend to bless your days 
                                                 as you grow in my Word. 
          You’ll become living proof of all that you’ve heard!

    It’s not hard to see a lot of my glory displayed
         After you’ve opened your heart to the price I paid.

    You may breathe deeply of the beauty and splendor in
                                                 nature around you, 
        or, you may rejoice in my internal presence as I’m
                                           working to ’ground you’.   

    I’ll be patient as needed while you grow healthy and strong-
        for, being yielded to me, it won’t take long
                             for you to learn and love to SING MY SONG!”                                                                                                                                                                            AMAZED                                                                                                                            
          I am amazed in your presence, O Lord!
                  There’s nothing I need which you’ll not ‘afford.’

         Your attention to details fascinates me,
                  for everything I’ll ever require, you did foresee!

         It’s so wonderful to be yours every day-
                  knowing you’re trusting I’ll hear you say,
                       “I delight in being there at life’s every turn,
                                         as my desire is to help you learn.
                        My lessons for you are somewhat simple and few:
·        I’m ahead of you in all you do!
·        You’re created to desire me in those    moments too.
·        My thoughts about you are NOT only
                                                    a few!”

                    Lord, I know that your ways should NOT amaze,
                              but my awe and delight express themselves
                                                                   this way these days!

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