Sunday, March 2, 2014


If you are a golfer, or of British lineage, you probably delight when hearing, "It's 'T' time!"  Here, of course, I have other 'T's intended! Simply put, I have recently welcomed 4 of them into my soul by realizing since JESUS is the Way, The TRUTH, and the Life, I can TRUST Him, resulting in THANKSGIVING and TESTIFYING.  Some of us got to enjoy the OLYMPICS on T.V. recently.. Kelly Clark, who is one of our USA snowboarders that won GOLD  12 years ago, then bronze in Vancouver 2010, followed bybronze again this time  was miserable and suicidal a few years ago in spite of 'fame and fortune.' When another competitor's friend consoled her after a blotched attempt by saying, "That's OK. GOD STILL LOVES YOU," Kelly overheard with a starving, desperate soul, which responded with an 'AHA' moment of hope! Kelly tells how she realized, "If God loves her, just maybe He loves me too?!" Thus, a comforting, testifying statement of God's unconditional love, overheard by one needy soul, was used by HIM to lead Kelly out of despair to HIMSELF, along with many others who are aware of her transformation.  MY 'bottom line' today is: Are we all as willing to state warmly, and enthusiastically, just how much GOD LOVES OTHERS!? When are the 'T'estify times in your life? Never hesitate to speak the reason for your hope within... Ask the Lord for opportunities to do so.. You will be amazed at what HE does! 

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