Sunday, April 6, 2014


Around 3-4 weeks ago, I indicated I'd let you know just some of what "The Lord's been up to!" I can't recall a period of my life when I have heard of so many awe-inspiring accounts of current day evidence of his presence. So, here are just a few to'fuel' your love for our LORD a bit, or, a whole LOT more! 
The one which delighted me THE MOST, is how THE LORD really DID show up in a courtroom in order to perpetuate his work in a young lady. This gal had been convicted of some sort of wrong-doing, and seemed to be headed back into the world of incarceration, thus, a probable tail-spin in her emerging life of hope she'd found while 'out.' HE made sure the victim, and the victim's prayer group, were there in the courtroom so she could intervene in a manner resulting in the gal's release from jail time.. I don't know any more, except  the gal is being mentored by a neat Christian outreach worker who loves to help establish 'street' youth in lives of hope because of JESUS CHRIST. 
Secondly, one lady I sing with shared how during her stay in her last nursing facility, The LORD made Himself known after she'd been moved to a different room (out of her 'comfort zone' where she'd been situated for awhile.)  At 2:45 AM, she awoke to a lady by her bed who had miraculously walked into her room. (She'd been wheelchair-bound for several years!)  Offering the visitor a seat, she offered to read from a great book she read daily.  After reading Psalms 23,24, and 91 to the gal, a staff member entered, exclaiming something like, "Well, so-and-so, how DID you get in here!?" What my friend didn't know was that her non-conversant roommate was also awake to hear the Scriptures read. In the morning, the roommate spoke clearly about what she'd heard. My friend offered to read more, resulting in the gal coming to the LORD!
Thirdly, a dear, wheelchair-bound saint REALLY needed to be taken to the bathroom, but got no response to her call-light for a very long time! Finally, when truly desperate, she noticed a lady in her room who did what was necessary. Afterward, no one knew who she'd been, nor where she'd come from! HOW MANY WAYS CAN I SAY "HALLELUJAH?"
Finally, 2 brief accounts of true physical healing.. ONE, is of 'my very own,' dear husband's! His shoulder was getting increasingly worse over a period of months. While watching 700 CLUB at our athletic club one day, he received a word of knowledge about a shoulder being healed.  He's had no pain since!!  WOW!   Then, only yesterday, a gal I visited with shared how, as a young mom, she'd had serious tooth pain. Having no money to pay for a dental visit, she pressed her hand to her face, prayed with faith,  and received healing of the tooth!    I know there's one more story I have to tell, but it's escaped me for the moment! These should keep all of us smiling LOTS for awhile!          

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