Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today, we will look at the chorus of a ‘grand old hymn’ which we do not sing during the 'HYMNSPIRATIONS' I get to lead frequently since it’s not in the books we use. It’s called                                                  AT THE CROSS. It speaks LIFE to me..
How does THE CROSS indicate anything to do with LIFE? The answer lies in how Christ’s willingness to lay down His life in order to pay the penalty for our sins, thus reconciling us to personal access to His Father, allows us to be BORN AGAIN.. For, when we recognize and admit our need for forgiveness and reconciliation to HIM through the blood of JESUS, resulting in our willing acceptance and welcoming of His grace and mercy, we enter into true life and vitality! We are no longer blinded to sin’s deception as it works to deprive us of the PEACE, HOPE, and JOY the LORD intends for, and through us!!
Now, about that hymn!! It’s chorus simply, yet profoundly says,
I was struck recently by how FAITH caused ‘my eyes to be opened.’ For, you see, I love to share a simple truth I was taught when I was only 14 years old.. (nearly 50 years ago!!! Smile!) The truth is about just what FAITH is, or can be. Some think of it as almost unattainable, nearly ethereal in nature.. Something not too easy to grasp.. Well, I offer this as a great way to perceive the value of FAITH in the desire to MEET and KNOW the LORD personally.             FAITH is action.                                                     F- Forsaking   A- All   I   T-Take  H-Him
Forsaking, and taking are action words and are acts of our will. We can decide whether or not to yield all our worldly concerns and welfare to Him, receiving His matchless and wondrous care as a result, or NOT TO DO SO.
Speaking from over 48 years of having received HIM, His ways and presence in my life, I can definitely testify to the value of having Forsaken all and Taken HIM willingly unto myself in 1968! As I have continued to grow more deeply in love and, in my walk, with JESUS, I have realized how the ‘T’ has come to mean                                          Trusting and Thanking HIM also!                                                                                     NOW, I'd like you to picture a train on the tracks.. It has only 3 cars..  The Engine, the Coal Car, and the Caboose.. Think about what 'pulls/powers' your train along the tracks of your life.. In this world we live in, unfortunately, humans tend to let FEELINGS be the engine, thus becoming DERAILED frequently.. This is because FEELINGS can sort of 'mess with us,' at times.. How many times have you thought, or said, "I wish I didn't FEEL like this or that..," or, "I know I shouldn't FEEL like this, etc."? As you declared or realized this though, you may have felt powerless to do anything about those troublesome feelings.. Well... There is good news for those of us who Love the Lord, in response to His LOVE for, and through us! Let's take a look at how someone described a train which stays ON TRACK in life  to me when I was in college.   The ENGINE needs to be the FACTS of our Christian relationship to the Lord. For instance, 'All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..' Romans 3:23 and 'For it is by GRACE you are saved through FAITH, not as a result of works, that no one should boast.' Ephesians 2:8-9   Knowing FACTS like these can diffuse any attempt the enemy would use feelings of unworthiness for to keep, or dissuade you from entering into, or growing in your intended personal relationship to THE LORD!  Being able to counter Satan's attacks through your feelings with the many FACTS we can learn and appropriate, gives us HOLY SPIRIT POWER to STAY ON TRACK instead of letting those 'feelings' derail us!! Now, that we have our 'ENGINE,' let's see about the COAL CAR. Well, FAITH is great for 'fueling' our train throughout our lives.. Look back in this post to see how when we are FORSAKING all, and TAKING, TRUSTING, AND THANKING HIM, we can flourish!!! Finally, our FEELINGS will come in line with all HE INTENDS FOR/THROUGH US!! NO MORE DERAILMENTS! I can't put a diagram/picture of a train in this post as far as I can figure, so just picture this order of 'cars' on your 'TRACK' in life!
                     FACTS                                  FAITH                          FEELINGS                                                       A good, summary of all I've developed above is simply,                

'Most all humans let FEELINGS be the ‘engine’ that powers their train of life.. Much derailment can, and does happen. But, those of us who welcome the LORD let the FACTS of the Gospel be our engine, fueled by FAITH, followed by FEELINGS which can be tempered by the  presence of the LIVING LORD GOD ALMIGHTY within all who choose HIM!'                                                                                                                       May the LORD bless and keep you as you consider what has been shared here since HE LOVES YOU SO VERY MUCH!

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