Saturday, December 4, 2010


As I found myself with some time I COULD use to write a new post, I noticed something which distracted me.... Seeing the term, Mummer, I realized I didn't quite know what it meant! I guess since I lived all of my childhood and early adult years in southern California, my affections on New Year's Day go to the Rose Parade.. My husband's birth in Philadelphia left NO attachment to the Mummer's culture whatsoever! Well, for those like me who don't know, Mummers are members of clubs in the Philadelphia area who spend all their year preparing for a lavish parade... They devote themselves to 'eating, drinking, and sleeping' this Mummer culture. It seems many individuals derive their purpose for/satisfaction in life from their identities being based on being a member of a Mummer organization.. (There is much more than 'just the parade' to focus on when one is a member.) Well, none of this surprises me because we all know we need to have a purpose for living...(or, as a co-producer of the movie, AMAZING GRACE said, 'a purpose in life that is worth dying for.') My reaction to a Mummer's passion for their involvement is, "That's nice but, then again, it could be a 'Bummer' to be a Mummer since you can't 'take it with you' when your body expires."
Now, just WHAT can we live, and even die for, that can be taken 'with us' when we no longer exist on Earth? As a Christian author of this blog, I get to introduce you to the promise of purpose through an eternal relationship to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who desires to call you "Friend." Living in a personal, deepening companionship with my Lord, gives me plenty of purpose as I grow in my desire to please and delight in HIM! (This is all made possible by the shed blood of my LORD JESUS CHRIST who loved me enough to take my sins, and the resulting alienation from my LORD upon himself at Calvary, so I CAN have this individual access to the LORD all the time!) I am reminded of a statement of beliefs of a certain 'flavor' of Christianity, which states, 'THE CHIEF PURPOSE OF MANKIND IS TO GLORIFY AND TO ENJOY THE LORD GOD.' Take note of "Friend" in this message... Can you begin to 'wrap your mind around the fact that the ALMIGHTY ONE wants YOU to know HIM as a FRIEND? - THE ULTIMATE FRIEND, if you ask me! He created us with his hands, then breathed his breath into us.. (We were not just spoken into being as all else was!) The giving of his breath was the establishment of mankind as spiritual beings who are intended for communion and fellowship with HIM! Well, I could go 'on and on,' waxing eloquently as my husband has infected me with the ability to do, but I'll close with this thought.... Can you imagine what your life is meant to be like as one who delights in ENJOYING GOD, and subsequently, GLORIFIES HIM? Some of you 'out there' already KNOW that it's not a matter of simply imagining, but can be reality for us! Dear reader, if you don't enjoy God, call 1-888-NEED HIM so someone can share more with you... Blessings from above are headed your way!

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