Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Nowadays, the common phrase is, "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX"- YET, as I sit in our warm, lovingly Christmas decorated living room, I see all the newly wrapped gifts around our tree. This makes me wonder.. Would anyone EVER NOT open one that has their name on it? If they did refuse to do so, could it possibly be they feared it would be empty, thus they'd be extremely hurt, disappointed, and/or humiliated? IF 'human nature' is as strong as I know it to be, we can rest assured most anyone would 'shelve' those fears so they could get to what is intended for them...
SO, WHAT IS the REASON FOR SO MANY OF US HUMAN BEINGS NOT being willing to open THE ULTIMATE GIFT who is THE REASON for the SEASON? I'm thinking, "What happens if I pray to invite the Lord into my life, and He's NOT REALLY THERE?" may be a primary cause.. Even more than pride, I am convinced that fear of possible disappointment if God is not truly 'there,' and willing become involved with me personally, keeps many from even opening their present of eternal life and the true PEACE, HOPE, AND JOY contained within a relationship to the LORD. Thus, my message to any who read this is simply, GOD IS THERE and HE IS FOR YOU TO KNOW PERSONALLY- PLEASE, DO open your heart and soul to HIM since HE took human form over 2,000 years ago, then sacrificed his life so the wages of your sin are paid, thus reconciling you to HIM forever!
LAY aside the lie of PRIDE which says, "I can do it myself!" Truth is, you can't provide eternal security for yourself or provide the relief found only through the mercy and grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.. HE IS SO WONDROUSLY FAITHFUL-- Let HIM show you just how much!!! HE TREASURES you and DESIRES your fellowship with HIM directly... 'Blessed wishes' to all who read this!

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