Sunday, September 1, 2013


Being a blogger is SO MUCH FUN because it gives me somewhere to share some of the most interesting moments in, or aspects of my walk with my LORD JESUS CHRIST.. So, just what DID HE do for me (us) again? Well, these past 2 evenings we have needed to be a ferry-ride across Puget Sound in Edmonds, WA for our daughter's wedding rehearsal and the wedding itself! When the festivities ended, we exhausted ones headed down to the ferry dock in Edmonds. BOTH NIGHTS, we were the last car to get onto a ferry just as it was ready to depart.. ABSOLUTELY NO WAITING was needed!! Some of you 'out there' may not be able to identify with the life of ferry travelers, so let it suffice to say that we were truly DELIGHTED as we counted our blessings of having made it onto those 2 ferries with the obvious 'I'M GOING TO POUR OUT A BLESSING ON YOU,' coming from our wondrous LORD! I am becoming accustomed to watching HIM as HE 'pours out blessing upon blessing out of the fullness of his grace!' as is stated in JOHN 1:16. Many of us know JOHN 3:16 but way before that verse, JOHN recorded the LORD'S intention to give us reasons to 'COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! NAME THEM ONE BY ONE!'   Finally, for now, I'd like to record one of the other expression of his love for us related to the wedding... More than a week or two prior to the wedding, the weather was looking like it would not be nice for an outdoor ceremony.. So, many dear ones began praying fervently, so you know HE answered! We has gloriously clear skies, warm (almost HOT!) temperatures, and a breeze to keep us from being TOO hot!! Isn't God great and good?! (ALL THE TIME!) BFN

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  1. I enjoyed meeting the two of you this morning at UPC. May God bless the both of you imminsley and may you always be a lighthouse to those who are searching for direction. When God desires for you to be at a certain place at a certain time, he will pave the way and open doors at that moment. Smile! You have so much to be thankful for.