Saturday, September 28, 2013


Usually, the question to ponder would be, "My will, or his will?' Well, I've been realizing how considering his WAY can be more helpful to me... Even JESUS had to do this... Just what do I consider to be 'his WAY,?' you are asking yourselves.. HE is showing me at least two components to it.. OBEDIENCE, and ASKING IN HUMILITY coming to the forefront in importance! Moment by moment, I must choose to trust and obey, for there's no other way to be 'happy' in JESUS...For me, this obedience means 'having no other god before HIM!' Also, I must constantly be willing to ask for, and receive HIS POWER for overcoming, and being set free from the 'chains that seek to bind me!' In fact, I have been recruiting some prayer power from two sets of saints I fellowship with this week. The constant battle with 'my' flesh can lead me to discouragement at times but I am learning to 'ward it off' by humbly 'upping the amps' on prayer support for this matter...  I was reading 2 blogs yesterday when I noted how we all MUST humbly call on our LORD for even the most seemingly 'insignificant' matters... HE is always ready, willing, and certainly, ABLE to do all we ask, to HIS GLORY!!  Finally, I am reminded of Satan's garage sale where all of his 'goods' were for sale at the same price except for DISCOURAGEMENT.. It was priced higher because, "It's my most valuable tool since most don't recognize it as mine!" he says!                       I also realize I should be thankful for my battle being with an internal foe that I have seen defeated often, and not with the dilemma of a long-term illness threatening a loved one, etc.. I can testify though, to the way HE CAN, and DOES, carry us throughout similar times.. It's HIS WAY! (if we LET Him!)

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